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Le Marais Noir

Known as the 'Black Marsh,' Marais Noir is actually a series of wetlands on the north western tip of Fizzytopia, which includes marshes, swamps, and even a thicket of mangroves which stand between Marais Noir and the coastline. A variety of Pokémon call the relatively untamed wilderness home, and a city stands in the heart of it all; a bastion of revelry and sin.

Le Marécage Sacré de Celebi
Marais Noir is shrouded in dark clouds seemingly endlessly, but there is one place for which the sky is always clear: the sacred swamp of Celebi. Though the water is dark with tannins, it doesn't ever seem to stagnate. It's cool to the touch, with a pleasant, earthy smell. Thick trees, seemingly older than time itself, grow from its dark depths, with gharled trunks and twisty roots which jut up at odd angles. Here, a plethoral of Pokémon can be found of all sorts of types; Bug, Flying, Grass, Water -- even some Poison types call this ethereal swamp their home. Named for the Mythical Pokémon Celebi, there is a legend that this area thrives so beautifully in such an otherwise dark and murky place due to the influence of the Time Travel Pokémon, and that causing harm to the sacred swamp will result in bad fortune. Locals often bring offerings of food in respect to theland and to Celebi, hoping for blessings and good favor, and even perhaps a chance to meet Celebi itself. Please reply in SpringGreen.

Walking through the dense forest the young pink-haired trainer breathed deeply. She had forgotten just how much being in nature relaxed and calmed her. Her reverie was disturbed by the sound of her pokemon rushing by her. A sentret was being playfully chased by a deerling. While walking by his trainer was an empty eyed seedot. The seedot looked up at it's trainer and echoed the sigh wich in turn echoed throughout him. The female stopped and scooped up the small acorn-pokemon. She craddled him close and tears formed around her eye. The pink-ette shook her head and looked up "Guys, please stay close. We don't know what's in here?"[/i]
The Sentret was the first to return and shrugged as an exscuse. This Sentret was called Don't Touch me. It seemed like an odd name but it was inspired by the Japanese name 'Otachi'.
Next over was the Deerling Oisín and he smirked and trotted over to the group. Imeadiatly DTM started squabling with the baby Deer pokemon.
Their trainer was, less than happy. She grabbed both of their pokeballs in warning. All of a sudden the two made up like nothing happened.
Kawaii blinked and thought for a momet about what just happened. She shrugged and said "Must be Celebi's influence"
She smiled lightly and mused about why she was here.
For one, she was always looking for new party pokemon. However, she was also quite interested in the legends and myths. The pink-eette also hoped that while they were there they could maybe find a cure for whetever made the seedot hollow and broken.

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