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The Minnao Isles: Updators wanted!

Hey, I'm not nearly as clever as Tate and the Isles are way too chill for ~murder mystery~ but I am looking for some updators! The Minnao Isles is made to be a fairly quick fishing zone, so I'm looking for some people who can both write gross, update-length flowery prose about waters and fishing and LIFE LESSONS and ideally update pretty quick! If you don't fit this description, never fear, I'll still consider your application.

I'm looking to take on about 3 or 4 updatees myself and y'all should probably expect to match me (because if my slow ass can do it, you can too, trust me xP). If you want to go above that, I'm super supportive of that and I will likely try to match it because of my excessive competitiveness. I think in the end I'll be looking for 2 or maybe even 3 updators to help me out, and I'm more than willing to take up people who aren't as confident on their update ability.

So, if you're interested in ZU'ing for the Isles, I'm just gonna ask for two things:

- A theoretical update for the zone post I'm gonna toss into the bottom of this post, and maybe a little description of the direction you want to take the adventure/possible rewards/whatever other notes.
- why I'm the coolest Tell me why you wanna update for the Minnao Isles! I'd steal Tate's because it's cute, but I think I know a lot of the community pretty well already (been living in this corner of the internet since 2012 ayyy) so just basically tell me why I'm the coolest zone writer in FB. :V

Theoretical zone intro & such:

Spoiler: show
The Blue Valley: A little ways away from Cordina’s Peak, the valley formed by run- off from the water up top is filled mostly by an expansive river. Here, Pokemon are found on the shores of the river, and those willing to brave the waters to look into deep dwelling Pokemon must be careful for the winding rapids that happen downstream. Minnao teens often come into the valley searching for the Pokemon companion they bond with for life. Please respond in dodgerblue. This area is intended for Quick or Normal adventures.
Marcus had been enjoying his time in the Minnao Isles. He had traveled here just yesterday, on a small ferry leaving the main landmass of Fizzytopia. Marcus was incredibly excited for his first real venture out into the world, accompanied by his close childhood companion, Lina the Pidgey. Lina had not enjoyed the trip here. The bird often experienced seasickness, and so she spent most of the trip flying above the boat, desperate for relief. But now she sat on Marcus' shoulder like usual, keeping an eye out for wild Pokemon to find and capture.

Now, Marcus sat on the outer banks of the Blue Valley, watching the river float by. He saw the Minnao people playing and swimming in the river, the lot of them much stronger swimmers than Marcus was or ever would be. He was really impressed with their connection to the water, and how close they appeared to be with their Pokemon. Lina had been with him since they were just kids, but some of these people were much younger than him and they swam together in perfect sync with their Pokemon.

Marcus hoped that while he was here, he could find a Pokemon like these people had, and forge a bond with it like the native people of this land. He looked up to them, and even though he was a tourist, he felt inspired by how they truly represented the bond between people and Pokemon.

OOC: Hi! No preference on Quick or Normal adventure. Thank you so much!

Note: Marcus's Memakyu and Emakyu contains the following:
- Squirtle, Croagunk, Dratini, Eevee
- Pidgeotite, Friend Balls, Flyinium-Z

Marcus is a new member who's username is "BB8bae" and appears to be a big Star Wars fan. From what you gather from some TO posts/discord chats, you learn that he's just entering high school, he is involved in his high school's band as a trumpet player, and he got into Pokemon when his older sister, Lina, lent him her copy of Firered.
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