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Le Marais Noir is need of updators. For more information, contact T--e at 1--0---46--.

The page is smudged, and you cannot read it. That's too bad. Looks like you'll have to do it the old fashioned way! If you're interested in updating Le Marais Noir, please PM me with the following:
An intro post of your selection from any zone, with a hypothetical update to said intro, of your invention.
A short paragraph telling me what your favorite Pokémon is, and why! (Just so I can get to know you~.)
I'm looking for updators who can manage a minimum of four updates a month per updatee, if possible, and who will be taking on the majority of work. (For example, you may have have four updatees, whereas I may only have two.) A penchant for the wicked is helpful, but not required, as is a naturalistic approach. Above all, have fun!
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