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We hereby want to announce and congratulate our four winners and the respective zones they'll be administrating:

Tyoyo - The Minnao Isles (Seasonal Zone)
134 - Le Marais Noir
Sandaa - Cloud Garden
Rotom310 - New Fizz City

All four of you may post your zones as of now. To those who didn't make it and to those who had a zone proposal left unfinished; this will not be the last moment for you to have an official zone or be a ZA. We encourage you to try again in the near future.
To all those interested in updating: feel free to contact any of the four ZAs for an opening. We also have a dedicated thread for this; The FB Job Bureau (link here).

To anyone planning to adventure in the new zones:
For now you may have up to 2 active adventures only. This limit may be relaxed or removed entirely in the future. This limit does not include the Free-2-RP areas or Bedlam City.
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