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Originally Posted by Ex-Admiral Insane View Post
lilbluecorsola (1/3) ~please post in paletuquoise
Your Spheal was oblivious to the danger it had put you and your partners in, while your Vanillite was the one who showed real courage by charging straight through the raining hail of crystal spears in order to retrieve the egg safely. Leo merely puffed his chest when you scolded him, though it didn’t matter anymore as everyone, including the egg, was back safe and sound. You weren’t sure for how long though, and out of fear for the little critter inside the egg Kim had placed in your arms you determined it was for the best if you held on to it and remove it from such a dangerous area. You hold onto the egg tightly as you trot you way back the way you came, getting only slightly lost in the meantime. You give a small sigh of frustration/disappointment and your hot breath encircles the egg as if clouding it in its warmth. The egg stirs in reaction to it and wobbles vigorously in your hands – it was hatching you realised. A single crack slid down the side and more soon followed. Eventually the egg shell split into separate pieces that scattered and dropped to the ground, revealing a brilliant white fox nuzzled within your arms. She opens her lids with the gentlest of movements and with a small spark in her eyes as she gazed at you with wonder. You welcome it and it reacts positively to you as it sniffs and stirs within the warm safety of your cradling, preferring it to walking on the ground it seemed.

Eventually you press on, the new Pokémon in tow, as you backtrack your way to find the exit, only to come across what looked like an igloo and a young man with a young pangolin of sorts. Your new Pokémon seems to get along with her alright though and pretty soon one of them indicates a set of baskets against the cave wall, one of each dedicated to you and the young man who had introduced himself as Hyrem.

You obtained:
- Lv.1 Female Alolan Vulpix
- 1 Icium Z
- 1 TM Aurora Veil
- 3 Springtide Chocolate Rare Candies
- 1 Bunny Suit (Held Item) – This suit allows a Pokémon to jump 50% higher than usual and increases the effectiveness of its healing moves by 25%

Congratulations on finishing your Springtide Event campaign! After replying to this post you may claim your reward.
As Jess trekked through the icy halls, she soon found herself getting lost within the labyrinth - only without the aid of a thread to guide her this time. She breathed out a sigh of frustration and frost, which escaped her lips in warm, white wafts. Like a lei of lilies, they encircled the Egg she was holding in a garland of smoke; mixing with its own wreaths of mist, bathed in both heat and chill. A volcanic ring of ash settling around a dormant womb, waiting to awake.

It rumbled in response, as a crack emerged on its surface: spiderwebs running down the side like rivulets of lava, trickles of light spilling forth as it erupted - into life. When the radiance faded, there remained an albino fox nestled in her arms, snuggling its silver fur up against her skin. Jess marveled at the miracle that had just taken place before her, having never witnessed the birth of such a majestic creature before - let alone one of such an unusual color.

Lids fluttered open; long lashes batting as the bantam bundle blinked blearily up at her, revealing clear blue gems of crystal beneath a tufted swirl of bangs. Similarly curled locks stretched behind her - six wispy tails whisking back and forth in rhythmic swishes as she yawned and cuddled closer, seeming to prefer the protection of her incubator rather than explore the rest of the world she had just been born into.

Jess hadn't the heart to deny the newborn her carriage, so she continued to cradle the critter against her breast as they looked for a way out of the maze. Kim hovered close by, cooing over their new companion. Leo meanwhile was more interested in investigating their surroundings, admiring himself in the mirrored walls as he struck a number of bold poses, the warped facets making him appear bigger in the process.

Eventually they stumbled into another wide section of the caverns, somehow managing to misdirect themselves to a different exit than the one from which they entered. There they came upon a scene of a young man knelt beside what appeared to be a miniature igloo, with a full-grown member of her hatchling's species spectating by his side. He seemed to be endeavoring to peer within the hut's tiny entrance hole, calling out something to its interior.

As she drew nearer, Jess realized she recognized the lad's familiar features. She'd met him a few years ago, when he was an enthusiastic young trainer just starting out on his journey. She felt a twinge of guilt, recalling he had made many efforts to contact her before she vanished off the grid, but she'd been preoccupied with other priorities. Social interaction was still an extremely difficult task to her, and she was a bit afraid to approach now after having left things hanging for long, but she steeled herself and attempted to initiate a dialogue.

"Hey, Hyrem," she announced with a wave (suddenly self-conscious she still had rolls of tissues stuffed up her nose, making her speech sound thick). "Fancy meeting you here. It's been a while, whatcha up to?"

As he greeted and explained the situation, she joined him in crouching curiously beside the ice cube construct, hoping to also catch a glimpse of the skittish Sandshrew within.

Jess was once again surprised to see the form was not quite what she expected: she was curled in a corner of the cottage, as wan as a sheet and her environment, blending into the backdrop. Shivering not from cold, but from fear. She cowered as Jess stooped to get a closer look, shrinking into herself - only was unable to completely close the circle due to a heavy helmet around her head. Jess felt a pang of empathy for the poor thing, relating to Tessie's initial reticence when she was first introduced to others (as well as her own), often retreating into her shell and shelter as a shield.

Leo grinned and barked eagerly in salutation at the stranger, but again the loud noise only seemed to startle her more. Jess sensed a tug on her sleeve, and saw Kim gesturing at her backpack. She tried to deposit the load in her limbs on the ground in order to take the straps off, but the kit struggled in protest, seeming reluctant to have her paws touch the snow. Sheepishly, she turned to Hyrem.

"Do you mind holding her? She seems to like being carried."

She offered out the squirming furball, passing to her partner before removing her pack. She sat the satchel on the ground, and lifted the flap to allow Kim to duck inside, digging through its contents. Eventually she retrieved a small icebox, hefting it with great effort onto the earth. Opening the latch, she obtained 1x Casteliacone and presented it to the pangolin through the little lodge's opening, who piqued upon spotting the sweet treat. Uncoiling, she crawled cautiously towards the dessert, sniffing it all over before tentatively sticking out her tongue to taste. Her eyes lit up, and she scurried out of her sanctuary to snatch the snowcone, lapping it up with delight.

Jess giggled as she watched the excited shrew devour her prize, smearing shavings all over her snout as she licked her claws clean. ...For some reason, a memory suddenly tickled in the back of her mind: of a desert, an oasis, a mirage, and then- falling into a pit of gold-plated rodents who looked ready to tear her apart...

"Er, nice shrewsies, please don't eat me..."

The image flashed for but an instant; again, the details were so vague she couldn't even be sure whether it was real or not. But, one thing she was certain of: Despite the terror she felt back then, she felt somewhat at fault for intruding on a clan's territory - a family's "home".

Jessica glanced to Vulpix, who was already getting acquainted with Hyrem's Ninetales, nuzzling against each other's necks. The two made a motherly-looking picture, like a Hallmark Christmas card despite it being the wrong season - creating an instant connection based on mutual understanding. As for this one though... Jess thought as she gazed at Sandshrew: She was all alone, without anyone of comparable kind to call a compatriot - her close "kin".

Well, perhaps she spoke too soon. The Sandshrew was now eyeing Leo's spherical body with a keen gleam, seeming to find some comfort in meeting another blue-and-white being of a build akin to hers. Leo was looking at the shape of the snow fort itself, mentally making the mound into a mountain as he decided to climb on top and claim his spot as "king" of the hill, roaring in triumph. Kim rolled her eyes as she snuck behind the so-called "ruler", humming innocently as she gave a gentle shove to his backside, pushing off his throne's precarious perch. Leo squeaked as he received a smart boot to his heiny, sending his royal highness toppling and tumbling into a snowbank, flailing spectacularly as he became quite stuck.

Jess chuckled as she overlooked the proceedings, and Sandshrew seemed entertained - enticed - as well, clambering up to the summit and gleefully sliding down in same fashion, vanishing into the softness with a *plop* from forward momentum, only to pop her crown out from the pile a moment later, eyes shining with joy. Leo likewise managed to extract himself, and the two began to play a game of tobaggoning, racing each other to see who could fly farthest and fastest. Vulpix soon joined in as well, whilst Kim tested them by composing an obstacle course full of challenging hurdles to jump over, merrily flopping over each other in the fluff at the finish line as they quickly became fast friends.

As Jess examined the dome dwelling itself, she wondered who had erected it in the first place - and for what purpose. According to the advertisement, all the Eggs had been abandoned as a result of all the chaos taking place recently in the region, and thus the Springtime Pyukumuku was seeking someone to welcome each of them to a safe and stable abode, to raise with love and care in a time of turmoil. Could the brick building be a refuge built by a missing mother, a fortified haven from harm for her heir, whom she would ultimately never get to meet? A last bastion, and reminder of a relative long gone...

At that moment, one of the playmates perked, pointing out a pair of baskets tucked in a crevice against the wall, chock-full of chocolate and other goodies. Each was addressed with one of the humans' names, meaning the "white rabbit" had somehow anticipated their arrival at this juncture. Curioser and curioser...

As they distributed the gifts amongst themselves, spreading and sharing wealth as well as stories of what they'd been up to, Jess found herself growing more relaxed in striking a casual conversation with the boy beside her, feeling at ease amongst friends. (Not to mention seeing their Pokémon get along so well, as even Sandshrew seemed to have shed her shyness by this point.) It was nice to find a familiar face, who hadn't forgotten hers either despite disappearing for so long. The world was a big and scary place indeed, and constantly in flux. Like a roller coaster ride with all its ups and downs, highs and lows and thrilling loop-de-loops, throwing its passengers for a loop. Things changed - were changing. (Hopefully for the better.) ...But, it was nice to know that amidst all the dizzying alteration and anarchy - some things still remained the same.

OoC - Thanks for this event, EAI and co.! And to GS for being a good sport/patient with my RP requests. XP (Apologies for making a few amendments/taking liberties with the story again, but I figured this would be a good way to get some development in.)

Picking up:

1x Icium Z
3x Springtide Chocolate Rare Candies
1x Bunny Suit (allows a Pokémon to jump 50% higher than usual and increases the effectiveness of its healing moves by 25%)

Thanks again! And Happy Egg Hunting to anyone who's left~

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