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x1 Pokedex
x1 Fishing Rod
x1 Berry Bag
x1 Pokeblock Case
Pencils (Multicolored)

Held Items
x1 Icy Rock
x1 Never-Melt Ice
x1 Full Incense
x1 Rose Incense
x1 Brand Name Bunny Suit: The user's healing moves heal 25% more HP and the user jumps 50% higher. Equipped to Calem.
x1 Bubbling Cauldron (Desc in spoiler).
Spoiler: show
This Witches brew is as it looks a brew of bubbles and troubles, what will happen? Well in battle if used one of these things could happen:
- The holder is healed 50%
- The holder is Healed 100%
- The holder is Damaged by 10%
- The holder is afflicted with a Random Status effect
- The holder is transformed into a random Pokémon (Updater and Ref discretion)
- The holder and Opponent switch bodies until the end of the battle
- The opponent is Damaged 10%
- The opponent is Healed by 50%

x8 Pokeball
x2 Level Ball
x1 Heavy Ball
x1 Premier Ball
x1 Ice Stone
x2 Sun Stone
x22 Rare Candy
x3 Easter Chocolate Candy (Rare Candy)
x3 Beignets (Mysterious Gummi)
x1 Revive
x3 Mulled Berry Wine (Teaches Natural Gift)
x1 Honey
x1 Pearl (Ł400)

Berry Bag

Pokeblock Case

TM Case
x1 TM Avalanche
x1 TM Blizzard
x1 TM Hail
x1 TM Ice Beam
x1 TM Ice Punch
x1 TM Return
x3 TM Submission
x1 TM Thunderbolt


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