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Originally Posted by Ex-Admiral Insane View Post
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Interested in what the egg could be hiding that scared a whole heard of Corsola you decide to claim this egg as your very own. As if hearing your confirmation the egg wobbles in your hand. Wary of the spike adorning the crown you place it on the ground gently to avoid nicking yourself. The egg wobbles and eight splits run down from the spike down to the sides in smooth cracks. The egg splits open with an alien squishing noise and within you see blue tentacles heaving themselves rhythmically. You put your head closer but just when you do the creature jumps out and latches onto your face. A tentacle lifts itself up and you were eye to eye with the Pokémon that had made such an intense greeting. It lets go, lucky for you, rather than trying to breed or suck the life out of you and settles down on the rocky floor. It quickly runs after the herd of Corsola though once spotting them in the distance, and what followed was a short chase as you tried to avoid losing sight of him; an easy task as the creature was slow. You had to remain careful however in picking it up, as spikes adorned the sides of its tentacles. Once you relaxed the creature some more it raises a tentacle behind you to a nearby rock. A trail of slime ran from the shore up to a single boulder where a basket of treats lay waiting for you. Was the Springtime Pyukumuku just here? Picking up the basket you notice it to be gift addressed to you and congratulating you on your new Pokémon.

You obtained:
- Lv.1 Male Mareanie
- 1 Poisonium Z or Waterium Z
- 1 TM Aurora Veil
- 3 Springtide Chocolate Rare Candies
- 1 Bunny Suit (Held Item) – This suit allows a Pokémon to jump 50% higher than usual and increases the effectiveness of its healing moves by 25%

Congratulations on finishing your Springtide Event campaign! After replying to this post you may claim your reward.
As soon as he made the decision that this was the egg for him, the egg responded by vibrating intensely in his hands. Unsure of what to think and wary of the spike, Spark quickly, but carefully, placed the egg back into the pool of water. Suddenly, a single light blue tentacle smashed open a portion of the shell, eliciting a surprised yip from Neko. Captivated by his own curiosity, Spark knelt beside the egg as more and more tentacles smashed through the brittle casing. Finally, the final two broke through, and the egg crumbled around the newly-born Pokemon, revealing...a mass of spiky tentacles with a pointed top.

"Hmm...weird," Spark mumbled to him, beginning to extend a hand towards the Pokemon. When his hand was nearly touching one of the damp tentacles, however, the Pokemon flung itself into the air without warning. Using its tentacles, it latched itself into Spark's face, finally leaving nothing to cover the bizarre Pokemon's face. Spark found himself inches away from an unblinking pair of yellow eyes. The blue pupils simply stared straight into his own brown ones, leaving the two at a standstill. Seconds, maybe even minutes pass before Spark can completely grasp the situation he's found himself in, his mind a mess of rushed thoughts regarding the sudden appearance of this enigma of a Pokemon.

"Uh...hey," he awkwardly greeted with an appropriately cheeky, dumbfounded smile.

"Mar! Mareanie!" responded the young Mareanie in an excited tone. With the greeting out of the way, the oddity breathed in a deep breath, then without warning, blew a gust of air into Spark's eye before propelling off of him,
the surprise of the playful departure being enough to make the trainer stumble, falling from his knees back onto his back.

"What the...?" Spark chuckled softly, rubbing his right eye while also using his left hand to sit up straight. When the initial shock of the Pokemon's prank wore off, Spark reached into his bag to find it...oddly slimy. Furthermore, he found a goop covered Pokeball in the bag that had seemingly appeared out of nowhere. Putting two and two together, he assumed that the Springtime Pyukumuku had struck again. Deciding not to think too hard about the holiday hooligan's shenanigans, Spark continued digging until he procured what he had been looking for: his Pokedex. As the Mareanie seemed to...sniff the air, Spark captured it within the sight of the dex.

Originally Posted by Pokedex
Mareanie, the Brutal Star Pokemon. Mareanie is a Poison and Water type Pokemon that survives primarily on the coral growing on Corsola's head. It attacks its prey using the spike on its head, as well as all ten of its thorny tentacles. However, while deadly, it is quite slow.
As if to prove the Pokedex's point, Mareanie turned the opposite direction of his trainer, perking up at the sound distant Corsola cries. Standing up, Spark could see the herd from earlier starting to return to the shoals, assuming that the intimidating egg from early was gone. Before Spark could react, Mareanie lurched forward, using his tentacles to help speed him along the shallows, mustering all of his strength to reach the banquet before him. Noticing the approaching predator, a cacophony of screeches erupted from the Corsola herd as they turned tail, fleeing haphazardly back into the ocean.

"All right, that's enough fun for now," Spark cautioned, striding over to the fierce predator and carefully plucking him from the ground, the distance between the two being almost nothing despite the desperate need for speed on the part of the starfish. With a pouting frown, Mareanie grumbled his complaints about not being able to follow the call of nature, but his attitude flipped around when he noticed something out of the corner of his eye, pointing it out to his carrier with a tentacle. Following it, Spark was met with the sight of Neko trotting over to the two with a basket in tow. Dropping the handle from her mouth at Spark's feet, Neko spits some familiar goop into the water before looking up expectantly at Spark, eager to see the contents inside.

"Huh, looks like this Springtime Pyukumuku can really get around," Spark commented, placing Mareanie next to a welcoming Neko and leaning down to pick up the gifts. Greeting her new companion, Neko planted a lick right into one of Mareanie's dangerous tentacles. Smirking with nonchalant appeasement, Mareanie watched his new trainer dig around inside the basket while Neko dealt with the repercussions of her actions, lapping up the sea water with her tongue to try to ease the pain. Inside, Spark found an assortment of goods, pocketing an Aurora Veil TM, 3 Springtide Chocolate Rare Candies, and...a bunny suit. Shoving the weird, jerk-reaction thoughts to the back of his mind, he stuffed the items into his bag before zeroing in on the last two remaining items. Casting the basket aside for now, Spark held up a strange, shimmering ring in one hand and a violet, diamond gemstone in the other. Upon further examination, Spark discovered a diamond slot in the ring, prompting him to do the only reasonable thing. The gem clicked into place, fitting inside the hole perfectly.

"Weird..." Spark noted. Unable to find anything else of interest on the ring, Spark simply slid the ring onto his right wrist, then focused his attention back onto his new partner, taking out the still slimy Pokeball. "Well, it looks like there's nothing more to see around here. Let's head back to the mainland...Coron."

OOC: Thanks EAI! Mareanie was one of my top wants, so I'm super happy with this event. Props to all of you for making this run so smoothly!
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