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"Yeah, and you can tell us even more stories about your adventures in space." Shibo added.

The Lickitung then blushed as Cassopia called him a cool friend.
"Oh, thank you. I don't think I'm that cool though. I mean...I'm just a regular Lickitung."
Shelly explained that she was always able to control her smoke, and that she didn't know why other Torkoal's couldn't. She then mentioned that her teammates were really impressed by it.

"No doubt, it'd definitely not something you see everyday." Telpo chimed. "I think it's quite fascinating, how can manipulate the smoke without the help of any psychic abilities."
While Hayai managed to successfully destroy Luna's Substitute, the Swoobat took the time to set up another Calm Mind! And while she was beginning to feel the effects of Pain Split, she couldn't quite place where the culprit was, much to Arthur's delight.
Already the Rotom was starting to feel rejuvenated from zapping away Luna's health!

As Luna began to prepare another Stored Power, a shiny Slowbro charged in. The hermit crab Pokemon seemed to be looking for a bad Rotom, much to Hayai's annoyance.
Distracted by Dudley's words, Hayai wasn't able to react in time as Luna's Stored Power sent him flying backwards, before roughly landing on the floor.
But Hayai still found the strength to rise and face his opponent once more. Despite this, it seemed that the Blitzle had very little left in him, one or two solid hits would surely leave him down and out!

Meanwhile, Arthur tried his best to hide his laughter as he finished splitting the rest of his health. His plan had gone off without a hitch!
The only problem was Dudley....the Rotom figured it wouldn't be very long until the Slowbro found him. But maybe he could take him own by himself? Arthur continued to ponder as the battle raged on.
Frieghya gave Cyanide and Pom a nod, before taking off towards Luna's location, Pom right behind her.
Eventually the pink Eevee lead them to the dining room, where Hayai was preparing his next attack against Luna! This was quickly stopped as Frieghya sent a Swift attack Hayai's way, causing him to cry out and fall over once more.

"Hayai stop it. I don't know what Arthur has told you, but Luna isn't someone you should be attacking." Pom said.
"N-nonsense...Arthur...she was hurting Arthur....for that she must pay.." Hayai stammered as he rose from ground once more.
"I don't really know Luna, but I doubt she hurt Arthur in any way. He's lying to you Hayai." Pom replied.
"N-no...Arthur wouldn't lie to me. Arthur's a friend of mine, and friends wouldn't lie to each other." Hayai explained, before turning his attention to Luna.
"This...this isn't over yet. I will defeat you... for Arthur.....for my friend." Hayai told the Swoobat.
As his words left his mouth, a sudden blast of adrenaline filled Hayai's body, and he was enveloped in a harsh white light. He began to grow taller, and his legs began to grow stronger.
His mane grew, covering his entire back while also ending with a second lightning bolt shape above his head. Once the light faded, Hayai was no longer a Blitzle, but a mighty !

With his newfound strength, Hayai began to Charge Wildy at Luna, not caring in the slightest about the new guests...

"Oh good, you're here." Dusion said upon Peeves rising up from the ground.
"But yeah, I'll certainly save embarrassing you until we get back, so let's get going." The Duosion added upon the Dusknoir's request.
Keith explained that Peeves had been one of the Machop that attacked Gemini, back when the Dusknoir was alive.
When he had hatched, Peeves had no recollection of his past life, though he was still just as mischievous as before. At one point Peeves remembered his past, he felt remorseful, but all his teammates forgave him for his earlier actions.
Keith then added that a great part of being a trainer was watching your Pokemon grow and achieve their full potential.

"Unlocking the true potential of a Pokemon...that is indeed, a wonderful thing." Zack nodded.

"Y-yeah." Jake added, thinking back to his various Pokemon. He had been with some of them for a long time, and some had certainly shown a lot of improvement.
Like Bubbles, she had previously been quite hostile, but eventually mellowed out. Or Sparky! He was extremely shy when Jake and him had first set foot on Fizzytopia, but over time Sparky had transformed into a much more courageous Pokemon...
In contrast Telpo had mostly remained the same...always calm...always caring...always there for him....

"I-I can't see how the future turns out for us." Jake said, specifically addressing the Abra beside him. "To see how much we can improve."
"Me too master" Telpo replied. "But with Team Catalyst around...I do fear what it will be. Having them out of the picture would definitely put my mind at ease."
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