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Originally Posted by Mon1010 View Post
After hearing that the adoption center had gotten lots of new Pokemon in, Leo had decided to pay them a visit. Many of his and Tim's Pokemon had come from here when they were just starting out. Tim had already adopted a yellow flower Flabebe a while ago, and now it was Leo's turn to pick out a new partner for his team.

Sure enough, when he arrived there were tons of Pokemon to choose from"Wow!" The eighteen year old exclaimed. His eyes wide with excitement at all the choices "There weren't this many Pokemon here the last time I was here."

"Yup, we got a bunch new additions. Several trainers sent their Pokemon here in order to start fresh."

Upon hearing this, Leo couldn't help frowning. He couldn't imagine the thought of releasing any of his partners for anything. He got attached to them easily. Leo nodded, and walked around looking at all the Pokemon available. There were tons of Pokemon to pick. Some of them were rare, that he couldn't imagine why anybody would want to get rid of it, even if they did want to start over. They even had two Munnas! Leo would have taken one of them, if he didn't have a Munna of his own already.

Eventually though, he did found himself drawn to a particular Pokemon, or rather two. There were a pair of Ralts up for adoption. One was male, and one was female according to the sign. Suddenly, Leo had a bit of a dilemma... He liked both Gardevoir and Gallade for different reasons. Which one to adopt? Leo soon decided to choose the male Ralts, seeing as he already had three female Pokemon in his party already, and needed one more male Pokemon to balance it out. "Hey there little guy! You wanna come home with me?"

The small Ralts looked at the boy, then at the female Ralts he shared a space with. He wanted to get adopted, but at the same time he didn't want to leave his friend there by herself. "Ralts ralts..." The Pokemon whimpered.

Leo seemed to understand right away. Either these two Pokemon were friends, or this Ralts had a crush on the other. Either way, this Ralts didn't want to be separated. "You don't want to leave your friend huh?" Leo asked. "I understand... But I can't adopt both of you... "I really want to take you home. I love Ralts!" Leo shuffled his feet trying to come up with a solution "Tell you what. If she's still here in ten days, I'll have my roommate come here and adopt your friend. If somebody else adopts her. I'll try to get in touch with the new owner, and see what we can do... It's not the best answer, but it's all we got..."

The Ralts thought about it for a minute. He really didn't like this solution either. He would have to be separated from his friend for a whole month. Maybe longer. Still, he wanted a permanent home. He didn't know what this place did with Pokemon that stuck around too long. and he didn't want to find out. Besides, this trainer seemed nice. Eventually, the Ralts agreed. If only somewhat reluctantly.

Leo smiled, and took the young Ralts in his arms. "Thank you very much. Don't worry. I'll take good care of you! I'm sure you'll love meeting your new brothers and sisters!" He said happily as he headed towards one of the staff members to make the adoption final.

"Ralts!" The Pokemon responded as he waved good-bye to the female Ralts he had to leave behind. He hoped they would be able to be together again soon.

Paying $30 to adopt this boy.

Putting him in this Luxury Ball

You've been here before; you've met friends here. You're hoping to do it again! And there's plenty to choose from, due to the refuge situation. Of course, it's hard for you to understand why anyone would leave their beloved companions behind, but it's simply a matter of need -- they needed to. They had to make a fresh start, and this was the only way.

The staff lets you back into the main room of kennels where the smaller, more docile critters are kept, and you brows for a while. Lots of cute, nifty things catch your eye, but nothing you'd like to take home. But then, then! Oh my, aren't they precious? A twin pair of Ralts, in a kennel to be shared. One male, one female, both absolutely darling. You know you must have one, but which? Gardevoir is elegant and graceful, and beautiful. Gallade is handsome, and chivalrous, the epitome of heroic. You love the idea of both, but you can only take one!

Gallade. You decide on Gallade.

Like a good trainer, you talk it out with the Ralt before you adopt him, but find that he doesn't really want to leave his lady friend. Bummer. You understand, though. Life in the Adoption Center can get lonely, and they've probably grown very close in their time together here; they're likely all the other one has had, up until now. You offer a suggestion: you'll try to come back for her in a few days, when you can next adopt. It's not ideal, and you both know it, but it seems to suffice.

Unlatching the cage door, you gather the male into your arms, and he sadly waves to his friend, who waves back with equal sadness. You better keep your promise! It's a bit of a morose walk back to the front desk to pay your fee and fill out your forms, but you keep your chin up, and try to be hopeful. Besides, you have a new friend now!

Adoption of Lv. 01 (M) Ralts confirmed.

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