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Voting Guide

Remember, you are voting on the 3 zones you'd most like to see implemented in FB currently. This may be 2 permanent/1 seasonal, or 3 permanent, depending on the voting distribution. 4 zones will be implemented afterwards.

These are the zones in consideration:
(Note that you do not necessarily have to provide these zone/ZA pairings)

1) The Cryosphere, with ZA AltoCharizard55

2) Le Marais Noir, with ZA 134

3) New Fizz City, with ZA Rotom310

4) The Telestic Spiral, with ZA Lit

5) The Minnao Isles (SEASONAL) with ZA Tyoyo3131

6) The Cloud Garden with ZA Sandaa

Please note that Bedlam Ridge will continue to be in operation for now, separate from the 4 zones being voted on - as such, it is not being considered in the vote.

Don't hesitate to let me or the other mods know if there are any questions. I hope this clears up some confusion!

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