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Bedlam Quarry

Connor - Immediately upon entering the mine you can feel that the air is completely stagnant and the smell of mold is lingering. The humidity is so high that you begin to slightly sweat although it’s not particularly hot and you haven’t done anything to exert yourself. You blink a few times as your eyes take time to adjust since there seems to be no source of light present, it’s almost as if the light from outside is forbidden from seeping in. As you try and figure out your surroundings by taking a few steps forward you suddenly hear a loud crunch under your foot. Since you can’t see very well you reach down to feel for whatever it was only to discover it’s a flashlight! A flashlight you busted by stepping on. You whack it against your palm a few times and suddenly it turns on! Phew. It seems to be a little dented but otherwise it’s okay! You use the flashlight to examine your surroundings, it seems that before you lay 3 different tunnels.

The center tunnel stands out to you right away as being the most well constructed and is more clearly carved out than the other two. It has an arch entryway and a sign placed above, you walk closer aiming your flashlight at the sign so that you can read it. The sign is slanted and looks very worn, it is also covered in graffiti that you can’t really make out but you can still make out the words “Mining Office” written in basic text. After you finish examining the sign you aim your flash light down the tunnel so that you can get a better look. You see that support arches line the tunnel and that there are lamps mounted along the walls on both sides as well as electrical cables connecting each one. You notice a lever labeled “power” directly next to you so you decide to pull the lever but nothing happens. From where you’re standing you can’t see the entrance to the office so it would seem that you’d have to go further down in order to enter it.

“Let’s go boys!” Joss had decided that now was the perfect time to use one of his most annoying catchphrases once again. You are of course startled by the sudden noise since you had been so focused on examining your surroundings and drop your flashlight. Fortunately, it stayed lit and when you reach down to pick it up you noticed what looks like golden dust on the ground. After you firmly have the flashlight back in your hand you look at the golden dust and see that it actually appears to be a trail that just so happens to start from right where you’re standing. You follow the trail and it leads to the tunnel on the right, you don’t want to enter the tunnel without getting a good look at what’s down there first. Aiming the light down the tunnel you can clearly see that the gold dust leads to a pile of rocks laying next to an overturned busted mine cart. It looks like the rocks were probably the contents of the mine cart before it met its demise. The rocks don’t look like they would be very hard to move and you can’t help but be curious about why the gold dust is leading to it.

You begin to take a step toward the rocks but are suddenly distracted by the sound of muffled voices behind you! Your body jolts and you quickly turn around while forming goosebumps up your arm but you see no one. The voices sound like they are getting closer but then they sound like they are getting further away this pattern keeps repeating and no matter how hard you try you can't seem to make out any words. You were frozen to the spot for a while but eventually after a few deep breaths you are able to think and move again. You can tell that those voices are coming from the tunnel on the left and you aren’t so sure about whether or not you should actually go over there and investigate.

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