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This is a Public Service Announcement:

After discussing the matters concerning zones in the development subforum the compromise appears to be to start out with 4 zones while keeping Bedlam as it is now for the time being. Players may have up to 2 zone adventures (not including Bedlam) for the time being until we’re sure more can be handled by the staff at the time. With that said, it’s time to move on to the next round of implementing zones which is polling the public opinion on zone preference.
As of now, everyone may PM Emi, Ex-Admiral Insane and Marion Ette their top 3 choices for Zones and ZAs from the selection provided in the Development subforum (Zone Proposal link) (ZA/ZU Interest link). The polls will close on Friday 11:59 PM GMT at which point we will reveal the four zones FB will continue with for the time being.

Please see this post for more information regarding the zones being voted on.

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