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Round 13: Ok Then

Recalling their fallen pokemon Kyuu tales sends out Hamorebi the Helioptile.

Hamorebi appears with a flash of light in front of Spiritus the small electric pokemon crackling with energy. However Hamorebi decides not to outright attack his foe first sending a small amount of energy up into the sky above resulting in some dark clouds beginning to float over the arena. However as he does so spiritus prepared for their last attack, gathering in fire energy they approach Hamorebi gathering massive amounts of energy he unleashes it at close range as Hamorebi lets loose a thunderbolt putting the ghost down for the count, rain begins to fall.

Spiritus is unable to battle!

Hamorebi took a ton of damage, good for two

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EK keeping up his streak of being the scummiest motherfucker to ever grace mafia games regardless of his actual alignment
Spoiler: show
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Well I don't know I wanted to deal damage and Starmie is inorganic :X
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Starmie is a starfish, it is not inorganic :p
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Kush I'm TL1. How am I supposed to know things if you don't tell me them?
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It's a starfish.

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I have 1 SP. Retroactively claiming the SP tax on all the things I did whilst LO.

I now have 1 SP.
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