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Originally Posted by Emi View Post
Mon1010 - Please reply in deeppink!

You and your Cottonee climb up into the canopy. It seems to be a relatively sturdy structure, the branches and vines having entagled into a very solid construct. It's notably congested, and you have difficulty navigating the canopy, none the less looking for eggs. Your Cottonee seems to have a much easier time though, and soon enough, your Cottonee has stopped. Not because its waiting for you or anything, but it seems that it has found something up ahead. You slowly make your way to your Cottonee, while it points out something its found nestled in the tree branches.

It's an egg! It's a black and white egg with a red top on it, and its in a bunch of branches that almost looks like a nest. The most shocking thing though is that there is a number of different types of berries and seeds around it. It seems like this is a kind of Pokemon that likes to feast on berries and such. Other than that though, you're unsure on exactly what it could be. Maybe you should the egg and find out?

What will you do?
The climb up the tree was a lot easier than actually navigating the canopy once up there. The branches and vines were all entangled into one another, making hard to get through the thicket. Tim was pushing aside branches at every turn. Nabbit the Cottonee on the other hand, seemed to have a much easier time with this than Tim was. That was probably to be expected though. Nabbit was a Grass type so navigating through thick foliage was second nature to him. No to mention the fact that he was a small Cottonee.

Eventually, Nabbit appeared to have stopped, and was shouting out excitedly. Tim slowly made his way through the branches. "What is it? Did you find something?"

"Cottonee!" The Grass/Fairy type exclaimed. Nestled in the tree branches in front of him was what Tim had been searching for this entire time, It was an egg! It was a black and white egg with a red top on it, sitting in a bunch of branches that almost looks like a nest. The "nest" was surrounded by a bunch of berries, which was no doubt what Nabbit was excited about.

As the Cottonee munched on the berries, Tim's eyes widened with glee, and he picked up the egg and cradled it in his arms. "Aw, man this is perfect!" Tim didn't particularly care what was in there. He loved all Pokemon, from the cute ones to the not so cute ones. He would be happy to add whatever was inside this egg to his team.

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