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Patches accepts Keith’s hand and he helps pull her up. “I am so SO sorry!! Something jumped out at me and I got scared and I started running and then-” Mio, who is now sitting on her shoulder nudges the side of her head to get her to stop talking before she starts speaking more than necessary. “Um. What I mean to say is that I’m really sorry. Well, I guess I already said it once but just know that I am! And I’m happy to see a familiar face, it has already made this place much less scary.”


“Oh!” Patches whips around and sees her very out of breath Charmander Kei carrying two beautifully wrapped presents. “I am so sorry Kei!! I completely forgot that you were following us this entire time! It was so scary back there I just wasn’t thinking straight. Man, I’m doing a lot of apologizing today...” she sighs.

Then suddenly a voice calling from above informed them that they were actually inside of a shed. ’Oh wow! I’ve never been to a party inside of a shed before! This is going to be great!’ Her eyes began to sparkle as she imagined singing karaoke while using a weed whacker for added sound effect.

She suddenly notices another trainer that is surrounded by birds and is curious to meet them. But, her attention is brought back to Keith when she realizes he is talking to his Meowth. Like actually talking. Her jaw drops and he proceeds to introduce the Meowth as the one he had told her about back at the Nightclub. “H-He can talk!? There are Pokemon that can talk!?” She starts to reach out to touch the Meowth in order to check and see if he’s real only to be stopped by a gentle shock to the hand. It was of course Mio. “Pika pikachu… (“Don’t mind her Meowth, she struggles to understand personal boundaries sometimes.”)”

“Ouch! That wasn’t very nice Mio! Anyway, I can’t believe Pokemon can talk! I had no idea! Mio you should say something!”

“Pika pika pikachu chuu pika… (“Believe me, I would if I could. Then I’d be able to educate you on reality.”)”

“No, I meant something in our language!”

“Chuuu. (“Sigh...”)”

“Hmm, Mio must be shy. Regardless, it’s very nice to meet you Meowth! And this is my Pikac-” She begins to also introduce her Pokemon to Keith but is cut short. Suddenly another trainer she had never seen before appears out of what looks like an elevator shaft and somewhat uncomfortably introduces himself as Austin. ’He seems really nice! And a bit shy. I’ll have to make sure to help him with his shyness!’ Suddenly a much more outgoing Gengar begins to speak and introduce herself. ’Another talking Pokemon!! I’m really going to have to work on Mio’s refusal to talk later. I bet she has a lovely voice.’

Suddenly she notices Kawaii approach and gives her a smile and wave. That was immediately followed by what appeared to be a ghost joining them. ’Weird.. I think that’s a ghost in a dress but for some reason I’m not scared at all.’ She is very curious and begins to approach but Mio sees what she is about to do and gives her a firm nudge in the side of the head. ’Right.. It would be very rude to ignore Austin and his Pokemon right now.’ She stops and turns her attention back to the trainer speaking.

She continues to listen and finds out that the party isn’t actually being held in the shed. Her dreams from earlier were shattered but she knew that even the new location is probably going to be just as fun. She decides to hold off on introducing herself to all of the new faces until they are in the right place and proceeds to follow along with the rest of the trainers behind Keith and silently boards the platform with her Pokemon.

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