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Originally Posted by Ex-Admiral Insane View Post
(Maudlin, what did you do to the office. This doesn’t look anything like the place I remember? *Dead Ratatta says nothing*. What do you mean I should consider this place to be under new management?)

Meetan: ~ See Update Batch #9, #10, #11 and #13
Almost with desperation you kick-start your routine. Jumping from heel to toe, you throw your arms in the air to the rhythm of the music. The booing of the crowd subsided slightly as the audience started questioning what was happening. The judges looked both intrigued and puzzled by your performance. It was working. No one was throwing rotten fruit anymore and the booing had dwindled to a loud murmur.

You move into your next pose, and a sharp splinter pierces your mind. The flash of memory interrupts you. You stop haphazardly in the middle of your dance, clutching your head as the pain overwhelms you. Memory was piling onto memory as you slowly recalled Phantom Isle. You remember the ghostly theme park, the tent, the fortune teller, and Masaru. Masaru! Where was he? She was with you only moments ago. The pain dies down and you remember everything vividly. Everything except for how you got here, on stage.

The crowd returned to its booing and started throwing rotten food again. There was something familiar about this place. A sense of déja-vu crept up inside you, though it was off, something didn’t quite feel right. The judges and their Espurrs look strangely at one another. A single piece of food strikes you in the face out of nowhere, blinding you temporarily. The same pain shot through your mind as the memories erased themselves once more. You forget about the stage, about Phantom Isle, and about Masaru. You wipe the last bit off your eyes and open them.


You were with your mother. You were young; two, maybe three years old. She was urging you to duck underneath the bed. It was one of those games of hide-and-seek, the ones you’ve played many times over with your parents. You crawl underneath the bed. It’s dark and you can’t see anything…and then you remember. Masaru, where was she? Memories trickle in again and the darkness lights up with colours as a new tapestry forms in front of you.


You were in a garden. The memories returned. You recall Phantom Isle, and your strange transport onto the stage with the booing crowd. You recognize where you were. This was the garden where you first met Masaru (or at least that’s what I’m concluding from your visions). You haven’t seen Masaru since the crystal ball exploded in your eyes. Could this be where she was hiding?

Where is Masaru?
(Feel free to describe what this environment looks like and/or explain how your meeting with Masaru should go according to memory.)[/COLOR]
((-Pets da Maudlin-))

Everything was changing too quickly to comprehend, and in the end, Alice was left in a muddle of confusion. She found herself feeling panic, but not truly remembering why, over and over again. How did she get to these places? Why was she so different to how she should be? The further she fell down the rabbit hole, the less sense everything made.

Moving to wipe fruit from her face, the little girl soon realised that there wasn't any-- but also that she was taller than before. Her blonde hair now had a fringe, something which Alice found irritating, and her clothes were exchanged for a set of jeans and a simple purple t-shirt. The environment, too, was new but also nostalgic. There was a sense of deja vu: well-cut garden grass, a single swing at the back and a trampoline off to one side. A few toys had been left idle, and there was a big, single tree that stood out against the rest of the plants and flowers that lined the garden in a horseshoe. A shed likely stored more toys, its wooden door swung open for the child to access.

A noise caught her attention, and Alice took some unsteady steps towards the shed around the corner. A tall gate and fence separated the home from other properties, all similar in build and size to their own. Alice's heart lurched, and her lips went to form a word - a name - before it fell to silence. What was the word, the name? The child came to a bewildered stop. Just next to the threshold of the shed was a fridge, and its door was open to the summer day. There was some beer spilled on the ground, and an open tub of vanilla ice cream that a small, furry pink creature was scoffing into a barely-visible mouth. Alice gasped, and that was when the Pokemon noticed her, too, crying out a shocked 'Swiiiineeee~~!'

"Oh-- oh, sorry! I didn't mean to scare you!" The little girl replied, stumbling back a bit, afraid the Pokemon might attack. "... I'm sorry, I've never seen a Pokemon like you before. What's your name?"
"Swine, Swinub."
"... Swine. Swinub." Alice repeated, her voice different to how a future self would sound. She had a few teeth missing. "I'm Alice." The human crouched down, slowly offering a hand out, which the Swinub tottered cautiously closer to sniff. It was obviously avoiding the sunlight, this season not its preferred one at all. "Mommy's gonna be mad you broke into the fridge... Are you hungry?"
"Swine." It nodded, but also returned to huddling itself into the bottom shelf, causing Alice to tilt her head in puzzlement.
"You're too warm?"
"Swiiiine." The dual-type groaned solemnly. Alice 'ahhh'd' in realisation. Her mother wouldn't like her bringing a wild Pokemon into the house, but...
"I could try to sneak you inside. We could run a cold bath and I'll bring you some ice from the kitchen. How's that sound?" Alice offered excitedly.

Masaru, who was not yet named Masaru, sounded delighted.

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