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Originally Posted by Raves View Post
Crystal Grove.

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: "Was giving you the choice really necessary?" Donovan jokes as you give your word of assistance to the cause of hunting down and bringing this Black Scarab person to justice, with your own reasons for this being admittedly personal partly. "We'll get your Meowth seen to at the outpost, though for reasons that should be obvious I recommend withdrawing your Scolipede for now. Come, we head to the south."

With Salazar in the safety of his pokeball and your own safety reinforced more, you and Meowth start to follow Donovan and Hawkeye when the Chespin gives a chirp to him, showing him the tablet as he nods. Turning to you, the man explains that despite being technically wild due to lack of trainer, the Chespin mostly serves as a link between the Marshals and the Vanguard, and as such will be heading back to the headquarters to report on the recent activity, and that they'll rejoin the group in a few hours or so. The journey through the grove is relatively peaceful, and you're quick to note the architecture seems much more intricate the further south you venture, until you find yourselves at a small granite structure outside a fortified wall, with an enormous complex structure beyond the gates, the skies above absolutely swarming with flying pokemon.

"The Crimson Sanctum. The five hundred metres between here and the boundary gates down there are a no-man's zone. The Vanguard, however, are situated in the undercity," your companion explains as he unlocks the door on the granite building revealing a staircase. "Down here, and stick close. The place is a labyrinth, and the people have told stories of something unnatural said to stalk the undercity...something not of here." he whispers, as you get the feeling he's not willing to explain any further. Heading into the tunnel, you and Meowth are about to discuss the sights you've seen when a small red berry lands in the paws of your feline ally, handed by the Decidueye: a Cheri berry, which Meowth practically inhales in a manner that would make a Swalot jealous, paralysis abating though he still feels a little sore from the previous sortie.

The walk through corridors is long, and Donovan seems quite knowledgable, so if there's anything you and Meowth were curious on regarding the scenario before you, be it the sanctum, the Shells, the unnatural phenomenom, or even about the man himself and his group, now would be the best time.
Keith chuckled as Donovan joked about whether it was nevessary to give him a choice in the matter. He then stated that while Meowth would be treated at the outpost, it was best that he withdraw Salazar. Keith nodded, turning to the grey Scolipede. "He's not wrong, Salazar," he said. "One case of mistaken identity is enough for me." He held out Salazar's Poké Ball. "Take a good rest, man," he said, withdrawing the Megapede Pokémon.

Chespin showed Donovan the tablet as they headed out, whereupon Donovan explained Chespin's position- technically a wild Pokémon, considering he had no Trainer, but still serving as a link between the Marshals and the Vanguard. He'd be returning to headquarters to report on what went down, and would rejoin them in a few hours. Keith nodded at this, taking in his surroundings as they traveled- as they continued south, the architecture seemed to get more and more intricate. This culminated at a small granite structure outside a fortified wall. Beyond this, the skies were packed with Flying-types. Donovan explained that between this point and the boundary gates, it was a no-man's zone. He then went on to explain that the Vanguard were situated in the undercity. To drive home the point, he opened the door to reveal... a staircase. "Whoa," Keith remarked. An underground city. He'd heard of an underground city once before- Grandma Masters had visited such a city during her vacation in Orre, though apparently it's since been abandoned and destroyed. But enough dwelling on that- Meowth was now shuddering because of Donovan's mention of an otherworldly being said to stalk the undercity. Keith followed Donovan, while giving Meowth a look, silently telling him to stop being so scared. Though Meowth wasn't too inclined to take this advice, he was much more inclined to take the Cheri Berry that the Decidueye handed him. Meowth gobbled up the paralysis-curing berry, giving a sigh of relief as he felt its healing effects. "Aaah, dat's better," Meowth nodded.

Keith nodded, smiling as he followed Donovan. The opportunity to ask questions seemed to be upon them, considering the walk they had ahead of them, but Keith had so much he wanted to know about all this he had no idea where to begin. "So, Donovan," he said, upon finally deciding on a starting point. "One thing I gotta know... I got no sympathy for murderers like the Black Scarab, and I'm all for stopping him and the rest of the Shells, but... will I need to kill anybody?" he asked, somewhat nervously. He recalled with no fondness when he'd been recruited by a group of poisonous ninjas who expected him to assassinate a Pokémon poacher. As much as he despised people like that, killing was still something he didn't do if he could avoid it.

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