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Just breathe...

Minerva takes a deep breath. Had the air in places like this always been so.... stifling? So cold? Living as a ghost with a zipper mouth for two decades and no real need to inhale, perhaps she had forgotten... But the semblance of humanity she had crafted for herself was becoming more real by the day. Haunted environs like this used to be her element, the places she longed for when she thought of home - but home was nowhere, these days. The Mawile beside her, sensing her disorientation, looks up with deep concern, but Minerva merely gives the steel fairy a pat on the head and a gentle admonition to stop looking at her like that.

That morning, she woke up - which was odd, because she had been an insomniac for such a long time - feeling like she was suffocating. Instinctively, she tried to breathe, with lungs she had thought to be mere illusions. She wished it had been a more dignified awakening into the next stage of her return to the earth, but she flailed like a damn Magikarp, confused and horrified, not sure whether to inhale deeper or exhale in a series of screams. And yet, this was only the second worst of this type of event - the first, of course, being Ffion attempting chest compressions on Minerva when her heart decided that it was actually important to her survival. That was a fun ER visit to explain... to this day, she still wasn't quite sure how Ffion managed it so cleanly. These memories should be behind her already, but the body was not so keen to forget as the mind, and she was struggling...

Birthday parties were not Minerva's cup of tea, typically; her feelings regarding birth and life were stifled, conflicted, tangled. The celebration of it left the taste of bile in her mouth and the burning of it in her thoughts... but she felt obligated, in this instance, and if she went through all the bother of getting a present, she may as well attend. Besides, she had even gone to the trouble of dressing for the occasion - she hadn't worn a dress with a skirt hem that extended beyond her thigh in along time, let alone past the knee - but the gentle swish-swish of the flowing material as she moved was oddly satisfying. It was like walking through deep, red clouds.

As she arrives to the intricate pulley system designed to take her to her destination, she tries to appear natural, but even the short rush to the elevator leaves her panting. So much for her usual cool, collected entrance... Even so, her pale, grey eyes remain just as eerily piercing as when she was a spirit, focused firmly on Keith.

"You know Austin too, do you?" She remarks casually, trying to appear as nonchalant as she can when so out of sorts.

Toddling behind, Minerva's Mawile takes a spot firmly beside her left leg, eyeing the shiny Mareanie with interest. The metal, leaf-shaped appendage hovering above his head visibly grins.
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