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Originally Posted by Marion Ette View Post
Crys (1/3) – The young Maria's heart fills with joy at the prospect of a good ol' fashioned egg hunt among these beautiful shrines; Boop, however, is less enthusiastic about the whole thing. Certainly, it was difficult to fault an actual child for wanting to engage in childish activities, but her choice of locale was less than ideal, particularly with the searing, judgmental gaze of the Solgaleo statue bearing down on the poor creature. Much to the Pokemon's relief, however Maria decides to search the Moon shrine – an aspect with which Mimikyu is much more comfortably aligned.

The Shrine to the Moon seems to exist almost perpetually in shade during the day, and this moment is no different. The area is cool and placid, soothing to the heart. Cradled in the wing of the great Lunala statue, a white and purple egg is perfectly balanced atop what appears to be a small fan. The egg's aura is strong, almost overwhelmingly so; it seems to bore through the girl and her Pokemon, as if the creature can somehow see beyond its shell. It would take a bit of climbing to get to the egg, of course, but the normally eerie gaze of the statue seems soft towards the pair. For a creature said to devour light, this statue seems quite peaceful... Perhaps climbing it would not be a slight to the legendary beings if it is in pursuit of a special egg.

Will Maria choose this egg, or continue the search?
Maria looked up at this egg with determination. It may be atop this big statue, but she would get the egg none the less. It just meant she had to do a little climbing, was all. Walking up to the statue, she began to look for spots to put her foot. After finding a spot near the base of the statue, she began to test the stone. It had to be able to hold her weight without breaking. A little bit of testing later, she began to feel for a hand hold, finding one near the middle of the statue. Having found the handhold, she kicked off, crawling up to the indentation at the bottom of Lunala's chest. Using the overhanging "ribs" to keep her in place, she gauges the distance to the stars hanging off the wing. Too far. Looking up at the ribs, she notices a hang near the bottom of them. No good foot room though, she'd have to have to carry her weight with her arms. Thankfully, Maria didn't weigh all that much. Grabbing her arms around the hang, she slowly inches her body up toward the next rib. Swinging her body to get momentum, she launches herself upward, and grasps the next rib. She repeats this motion for the next rib, then does it once more to get up to the shoulder. Lifting her body up, she comes to rest at the top near the statue's neck. Her arms ache, but she needs to get that damn egg. She can't stop now. Laying down on the rim of the shoulder, she slowly scoots her way toward the wing. Further and further she slowly scoots, until eventually she inches up to the egg...and its fan. Smiling, Maria went to grab the two objects, but then a thought popped into her head. How would she get down carrying the fan and the egg? After a few moments of thinking, an idea came into her mind. Reaching under her blanket, she grabbed a Pokeball. Holding the release button down, she tossed the Pokeball toward the base of the statue. The ball hit the base with a pop, opening to reveal the figure of Buffy the Bouffalant. Looking down at her friend from the wing of the statue, Maria called out,

"Hey Buffy, I need you catch me with your poofy hair. I'm going to casually drop off this statue with this here egg."

Looking up toward Maria, Buffy snorted. The idea wasn't a bad one, but it was still pretty dumb. Looking over the statue, he figured that it was probably the easiest way to get down with the egg, but it was still a dumb idea. With a concerned tone, he responded to Maria,

"I don't like the plan, but fine. Grab the egg and hop down as carefully as you can, I guess."

Nodding to Buffy, Maria grabbed the egg and the fan, and sat up at the edge. Looking down, she planned her angle, and dropped down to Buffy. Surprisingly, the fall worked as planned, and she plopped in Buffy's fro with a frop. Patting it with her hand, Maria was surprised how poofy it was. Buffy seemed unfazed by the impact as well. Hopping off of the bull's head, she asked him,

"Hey, how thick is your hair to begin with? You took the full brunt of an eight year old falling with no issues."

Amused, Buffy responded, "You say it as if you expected my head to crack open. It's more than enough to handle you."

With a shrug, Maria tossed the conversation to the side, content with the answer. She was far more interested in the egg, and the fan that came with it.
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