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Kawaii was late to the party and she knew it. Fortunatly she had brought a gift that was rare to the Fizzytopia region. One of the six pokemon she had come with was holding onto it tightly. This pokemon was her Comfey, Flora. Flora prided herself on making garlands that soothed and calmed people.
The other five pokemon were: her always loyal Espeon Frieghya, a newer addition which was a Purrloin with ruthless intentions named Victoria, a brand new baby lopbuny dubbed Lapis, an always on gaurd Pawniard named Katrina, and a eager for battle strength seeker Heracross called Derpulese.
The pink haired trainer addressed her pokemon before they entered "I expect you to behave and do not cause any trouble, understand?"
There was a series of nods and the female trainer turned around, satisfied. Kawaii took a breath and stepped inside the unfamiliar secret base.

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