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"WAH!" Meowth exclaimed, tensing up as he heard the loud squeal. "Wat was dat?!"

"Probably a Misdreavus or something," Keith said, unfazed by the sound. "Come on, Meowth, how long have we lived in these parts now?"

"Yeah, well, dat don't mean it can't freak me out none," Meowth retorted. "Dose freaky screams from outta nowhere- WAT DA-" Meowth exclaimed, for at that moment, someone plowed into Keith, knocking him over.

"...Owwww," Keith groaned as he pulled himself back to his feet. "What the- wh- Patches?" he said, recognizing the rather energetic Trainer he'd met back at the Nightclub. "Heh, generally when friends hope to run into each other in the future, they don't mean it so literally," he grinned, offering a hand to help Patches up.

At that point, Keith heard someone calling from nearby- apparently they had been attempting to gain entrance to the storage shed. Keith chuckled sheepishly at this revelation as Meowth simply gave him a look. "A storage shed," Meowth said flatly. "Youse was knockin' on da door to da storage shed."

"It's a mistake anyone could make, Meowth," Keith retorted. "Oh, yeah- Meowth, this is Patches. Patches, remember that Meowth I was talking about? This is him right here. And as you heard, he can speak."

Just then, they arrived at the actual place, whereupon someone who could only be Austin greeted them. He was clearly very awkward, and his Gengar picked up the pace for him, welcoming them all. Keith wasn't the least bit surprised by Marie's gift for the human language- all of his own Ghost-types could speak it, after all. Hell, his Camerupt spoke human language.

It was when the Gengar and Litwick were speaking that one of Keith's Pokémon materialized from the confines of her Poison Ball. Moved by curiosity, though still very much shy around so many new faces, Aster the Shiny Mareanie had settled on a compromise- exit her ball, but hide behind Keith, hugging his leg with two of her vivid pink tentacles. At this, Keith looked down and gave the Brutal Star Pokémon a reassuring smile.

As Austin invited them onto the platform that would elevate the currently present guests up to the Secret Base, Keith was the first to step onto the platform. Aster moved with him, still clinging to his leg, while Meowth continued to sit on his shoulder.

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