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Austin started to hear commotion outside, and headed towards the door. Opening it, he couldn't see anyone. Weird... He thought he heard some type of screaming? It was hard to tell, the voices of the dead were often loud and a bit obnoxious. He could hear some giggling from inside, and saw Marie and Wisp huddling together. Ugh, Marie probably played a trick on the party guests. Walking onto the deck, Austin walked the perimeter of the tree until he found a small group of guests and their Pokemon huddled around the hollow within the willow. Did Marie create an illusion for them to think it was the door? The tree was too small there to effectively live in anyways... Though, he did keep some things in storage there. Crap. Did he put the yard work tools away properly? The last thing he needed was getting sued over his Gengar's antics. Clearing his head, the artificial ginger yelled down at his guests.

"Hey! The house is actually this way! That's my storage shed... So if anyone fell in I'm sorry!" He yelled, making sure those down there could hear him.

Running over to his pulley system, Austin boarded the make-shift elevator. Wisp soon jumped on top of his head, the soul candle's wax feeling soothing to him. Pulling the lever, the teen and the Litwick soon descended ot meet their guests. Grabbing his beanie from his back pocket, Austin set Wisp on the ground and put the beanie on to hide his now messed up hair. The sounds of the steel cables made a horrid screeching as the platform landed on the ground below. He felt a small chill behind him, and Marie appeared next to him as well. At this point in time he could see his guests in front of him.

"Ah! Hello to meet you all. I'm Austin... I originally hail from Virbank but now I'm just living here. So excuse me if... excuse me if this is a mess..." he sighed, starting to trip on his words and feeling embarrassed. Thankfully Marie was there.

"Don't listen to this idiot. Welcome to our humble abode, the Willow Tree! Or the Salix Bablyonica, if you're a nerd like this kid and want to be all scientific," Austin was blushing harder now. "Anyways my name is Marie! Also yes I can speak your tongue, I always have been. How? Don't ask a lady her past!" Marie joked with the crowd, the Gengar having a huge grin on her face.

"Yeah... It's a long story. Just call me Wisp. Marie's my big sis! Well, when we were alive... But this is a party, not some tragic feels fest! I know the humans probably don't understand me, but if you do that's fun!~" The Litwick chimed in, obviously happy to be interacting with new people.

"U-Uh... Anyways. We should, um, probably head back up. The last thing I want is something blowing up... So let's go." Austin awkwardly motioned to the group the platform. Once everyone was on, he pulled the lever again. Soon they were at the deck, and he went into the house to make sure everything was fine. It was, for now... This was going to be a long, long day.


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