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Lv. 01 (M) Spritzee ($30)
No special moves.
Faeseer. A lovely term for a nasty condition. The moment the strange woman enters the Adoption Center, she finds herself reeling backwards, as if punched. In Ffion's mind, the crowds were still here. The chaos was at its zenith. Cages empty and fill before her eyes - shadows move, shift, leave, return - all is color and blur. Perhaps she should have waited longer, both for her heart to mend, and for the imprints of life to have faded from this place somewhat. There were thousands of stories here, intersecting, and it was if a hundred different narrators were trying to speak simultaneously, to provide the narrative for what she was experiencing. It was, simply put, complete sensory overload. It was enough to make her feel physically ill.

Feet firmly on the ground, she tries to take a few deep breaths and find her way back to reality... somewhat. At the very least, she needed to figure out who in this place she needed to talk to. Approaching the most stable-looking figure, she begins:

"Hey! I'm here about some Pokemon -" she starts, before she realizes that others are staring at her... and the shadow vanishes. Fuck. Let's try again...

"Could somebody -" she starts, before she catches the whiff of the smell of rain... It hadn't rained in days, and yet, the petrichor was palpable. Olfactory hallucinations were not typical for her, so why...?

Ignoring the shifting figures around her and following her nose, she makes her way to one of the cages, containing a small, pink Pokemon appearing to be wearing a mask. He tilts his head, as if surprised to be receiving attention. Suddenly, the scent of rain shifts to the scent of roses - shifts to jasmine - shifts to any beautiful flower the Spritzee can possibly think of, completely exhausting himself in the process. He was stuck smelling of dandelions. Ffion giggles a bit, delighted at the scentshow the Spritzee had made.

"Strange little talent you have," she says, in a tone that suggests it is a compliment she has received many times herself. "I was really hoping for more of a bruiser, you know..."

The Spritzee, despite his exhaustion from attempting to exude such a bevy of scents, puffs up, curling its little wings an an attempt to show muscle where there is none. Ffion laughs heartily.

"Oh, really?" She leans back, giving the posing Pokemon a once-over. "...I'm not convinced. Really, love, you're strange and talented and you need somebody else, because if you follow me, you'll just -"

The crushed look in the Spritzee's eyes breaks Ffion's heart in a way that she thought impossible at this point. Two attempts at building strong teams, destroyed by failed missions - valued, beloved partners, often with bonds built over years lost in moments of bad judgment, or simply overpowered by the task at hand - she thought herself immune to this, by now. Perhaps one never was.

"No, I'm sorry, I can't -"

She sighs. The poor thing was nearly in tears.

"...I can't say no to you. But I hope you know what you're signing up for. I'm a completely unhinged sunuvabitch, and the 'adventures' I get into... Often lead to death, for those involved. That I've managed to survive is... is sheer luck, and..."

Spritzee's eyes glow with such adoration, such desire to be loved, that Ffion already realizes that the pursuit of dissuading this creature was going to be useless.

"Right. C'mon then, let's go, little one. You're stuck with me now... for good or for ill."


Claiming this Lv 01 (M) Spritzee. Using my Chocolate Ball from the 2013 Easter Event, and $30 from the bank.
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