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Tate arrived fashionably late, blissfully unaware of the eerie atmosphere, clueless as to whose birthday it was, and clutching an earnestly-attempted-but-poorly-executed wrapped gift. A cachophany of calls heralded the bird keeper's arrival, as it appeared the entire aviary was in company as well;
some in flight and others on foot, all chirping and squeaking and squawking away.

Ku and Kue -- twin heads of the Doduo known as Kukuee -- lagged behind the group, struggling to coordinate their footsteps. The shy Haawi walked beside her trainer, eyes downcast and tail clutched in her flippers like a security blanket. Ikaikai -- adamant and reckless -- flew tight circles around the group in a perimeter, and the Starly's bold whistles cut sharply through the evening air, daring anyone to get too far out of line. Now and then she would buzz Palaho, but never would she stray too close to the Mandibuzz, who was too intimidating a foe even for her, and for good reason; the most powerful by far of Tate's flock, she was an imposing presence and fiercely protective of her little sister, whose chubby and flightless form was perched upon her back, wheezing happily as they soared through the night. Kauka and Palaho had no intention of attending the part proper, but rather planned to hang out outside, terrorizing any stragglers and enjoying each other's superior company.

Then there was Uhane. Perched with sharp talons embedded in Tate's hat and pricking through layers of khaki and hair to pierce scalp, she sat proud but disinterested upon her master's head. She knew all things, even this party, would come to an end. It was simply a matter of waiting.

Pausing on the stoop, the flock settled in around their master, perching on branches and shoulders and even the ground itself. Too awkward to just enter, despite being invited, Tate knocked on the door to a tune, and then settled in to wait, whistling the while away.

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