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Originally Posted by Marion Ette View Post
Missingno. Master (3/3) – Receiving an electric shock underfoot was a sensation all too ominously familiar to Keith Masters. It was understandable, then, that the trainer and his Pokemon walk away from this egg – after all, nothing good could come of that kind of behavior. Clearly, their travels were not yet over.

The sun was beginning to set over the island – beautiful hues of reds and oranges streaked the skies, filling the rocky coast with a warm glow. It was a breathtaking sight, but also a reminder that there wasn't much time left to roam before nightfall. The rocky earth softly flickers in dying embers of the day's end, and as the serene twilight which spreads gently over the island, Keith travels onward, only to stop short at the realization that there is a substantial crack in the ground he is about to wander into – one false move, and he and Meowth would have gone tumbling facefirst inside...

When one stares into the abyss, one may expect the abyss to stare back, but not with two pink, beady eyes. A soft pyu-pyu-pyu emanates from the earth below...

Pyuku pyu-mu! (Please be careful!) The voice is kindly, if a bit odd. Mukumuku pyu-ku pyuku pyuu-mu. (Following your heart is fine, but watch your step...) The pink eyes vanish from the underground cavern, with only an amused pyu-pyu-pyu echoing behind... How odd.

The sound of something bumping and rolling across the rocky ground perks the attention of both trainer and Pokemon, and Meowth performs a spectacular interception on behalf of his trainer, catching the object before it rolls into the abyss. Feline reflexes could certainly come in handy! Of course, the moment the catlike paws grasp the egg, it immediately begins to hatch... Deep, pink tendrils come lazily forth from the broken shell, wrapping around Meowth's neck – the creature seems to be trying to give Meowth a hug, but has chosen exactly the wrong place to squeeze. After noting Meowth's apparent discomfort at being choked, the oddly-colored tendrils retract, the predatory eyes they once concealed now filled with confusion. Poor little baby! Love is a difficult concept to grasp when so young...

Looking in the direction that the egg had seemed to roll forward from, there appears to be an overturned Easter basket. Had the Springtime Pyukumuku left this basket for you...?

You obtained:
- Lv.1 Shiny Female Mareanie
- 1 Waterium Z OR 1 Poisonium Z
- 1 TM Aurora Veil
- 3 Springtide Chocolate Rare Candies
- 1 Bunny Suit (Held Item) – This suit allows a Pokémon to jump 50% higher than usual and increases the effectiveness of its healing moves by 25%

Congratulations on finishing your Springtide Event campaign! After replying to this post you may claim your reward. Also I swear to Giratina the Springtime Pyukumuku must have hacked my RNG because I spat my drink and nearly threw something at my laptop after rolling this, you lucky son of a-
It was an easy decision for Keith to leave behind the electrically energized errant Egg. Maybe it wouldn't end up the same as what the shock so unpleasantly reminded Keith of, but... he wasn't feeling like it was a good idea. Seemed too bad of an omen. But Keith did not want to dwell on this any longer than was strictly necessary, and so on he went.

The sunset was beautiful. Beautiful, but also a sign for Keith to hurry up. After all, the event only lasted until the end of the day, and at this moment, said day was most definitely coming to an end. So yeah, not a lot of time to admire the beauty. Kind of a shame- Keith did enjoy taking in the occasional sunset- but he had an Egg to look for.

And apparently, a big crack in the ground to look out for! Keith stopped just in time. "Whoa!" he exclaimed as Meowth clung to his shoulder for dear life. "Whew. That was close- uh. Meowth?" he said.

"Yes, Keith?" said Meowth.

"Is that... is the hole in the ground there... staring at us?"

"Looks like it."

"That's what I thought," Keith nodded, meeting the gaze of the pink eyes. And then came the voice. Kindly yet odd. Not something Keith ever expected to hear. While the words were unintelligible to him, Meowth was able and willing to translate.

"Watever dat is, it's sayin' ta please be careful," said Meowth. "It says, 'followin' yer heart is fine, but watch yer step'. Ya tink dat might'a been..."

"...the Springtime Pyukumuku?" Keith speculated out loud. "It's possible. I mean, hell, me and Marvolo met Santa Claus, and even saved him from the Great Pumpkin and the Easter Bunny. Anything's possible- wh- Meowth!" he exclaimed, pointing, and it wasn't hard for Meowth to spot what it was- an Egg, rolling along the rocks, and headed straight for the abyss Keith himself nearly fell into!

"On it!" Meowth exclaimed, springing off of Keith's shoulder. He lunged, intercepting the Egg, and as he brought it to safety, Keith noticed something else- the Egg had started hatching as soon as Meowth took hold of it! Whether Keith liked it or not, this was the Egg he was going to take from this special event. He sat on the ground as pink spiky tentacles crept out of the Egg, and wound their way around Meowth...'s throat.

As the shell fell away altogether, the newborn withdrew the tentacles, confused by the choking sounds Meowth was making. "Ma? Reanie?" the Pokémon said softly.

Meowth looked at Keith, expecting to exchange looks of exasperation. What he did not expect was Keith to look awestruck, staring at the mysterious new Pokémon with eyes shining with wonder. "It's so cute!" Keith exclaimed. He took out his Pokédex, eager to learn more about what he already knew he was keeping.

"Mareanie, the Brutal Star Pokémon. A Poison and Water-type," said the Pokédex. "Mareanie weakens prey by stabbing with the poison spike on its head, and deals the finishing blow with its ten tentacles. Above all else, it loves the taste of the coral that grows on Corsola's head. This specimen is Shiny."

Keith did a double take at that last sentence. Sure enough, the Pokédex showed a blue and purple Mareanie, while his new Mareanie was pink! Keith made an odd, high-pitched sound, still smiling broadly as he looked at his adorable new Pokémon. "Hi, Mareanie," he smiled. "My name's Keith. Now... want to try hugging again? See, what you did wrong with Meowth was, you went for the throat. Generally a bad idea, y'know? Try it with me," he offered, holding out his arms.

"Mareanie..." murmured the Brutal Star Pokémon. She crawled a little closer to Keith, looking up at him from behind her tentacles. Then, she extended a few of her tentacles, and hugged Keith. Carefully at first, but once she realized she wasn't eliciting the same reaction as she got out of Meowth, she hugged a bit tighter. In response, Keith hugged Mareanie back, making sure to avoid the numerous spikes. "Mareanie! Mareanie!" Mareanie exclaimed, sounding much happier now.

"Well, you're gonna fit right in around here," Keith smiled. "We just need a name for you... Hmm... Y'know what? I like the sound of Aster," he stated. "What do you think?"

"Mareanie! Mareanie! Mareanie!" chanted Mareanie in response, adding more tentacles to the hug and smiling happily.

"Heh, that's a yes," Keith grinned. "Alright, then, let's do this," he added. He produced a purple sphere from his backpack- a Poison Ball. In fact, the first Poison Ball he would ever use in his training career. He'd been saving the few Poison Balls he ever found for special occasions, and this most definitely qualified. Getting the idea, Aster relinquished her grip on Keith and hopped backwards, smiling up at him. And Keith smiled back as he enlarged the ball. "Welcome to the team, Aster," smiled Keith. "Now! Go, Poison Ball!"

These words were accompanied by the throwing of said Poison Ball. It struck the Shiny Mareanie and pulled her inside. It barely wobbled at all before falling still.

Keith's grin was positively Gengaresque as he scooped up the Poison Ball. He stared at it in jubilant disbelief for a moment before holding it up high. "Ohhhh, yes!" he cheered. "I just caught... a Shiny Mareanie!"

"Meowth! Dat's right!" added Meowth, rubbing his throat, but still decidedly less apprehensive about Aster, now that he knew the near-strangulation to be completely unintentional.

"Alright- Aster, come on out!" Keith grinned, tossing the Poison Ball into the air. In a flash of light and a swirl of blue sparkles, the pink Mareanie reappeared, landing on Keith's outstretched arm. "Let's go home," Keith smiled. "You got a lot of new friends to make, Aster."

"Mareanie!" Aster smiled in response.

"Hey, wait- wat's dat?" Meowth asked.

Keith looked in the direction Meowth was pointing- there was an overturned basket. Curiously he approached it and saw its contents. A few chocolate Rare Candies. A bunny suit of some sort. A TM for a move Keith had never heard of. And...

Keith's eyes widened as he picked up the Koffing-purple gemstone. It bore a small skull and crossbones emblem. "...Is this a Z-Crystal?" he murmured in awe. "And... it looks like it's a Poison-type Z-Crystal, at that," he added, his eyes widening.

"Maaaaa..." Aster murmured, equally awed.

"Well!" Keith exclaimed, scooping up his goodies. "Today has been interesting in multiple ways. Let's get home- back to the boat," he stated, before heading off just that way, with Meowth on his shoulder, and now Aster, his new Shiny Mareanie, on his arm.

*Event complete!*

Keith used Poison Ball!






All right! Mareanie was caught!
*Obtained the Bunny Suit!*

*Obtained 3 Rare Candies!*

*Keith obtained TM70 Aurora Veil!*

*Keith obtained a Poisonium Z!*

*Keith obtained a Z-Ring!*

OOC: Hoooolyyyyyy craaaaaaaap! I would never have seriously called this happening! I'll admit right now that a female Mareanie was my biggest want from this event, but a Shiny! That... I just... Holy crap. But anyway, yes- claiming my level 1 female Shiny Mareanie, in a Poison Ball instead of the provided Poké Ball, naming her Aster, and declaring her Ability to be Merciless. Also collecting the rest of the goodies, and in the process, choosing the Poisonium Z. And in closing, I'd like to thank all the mods for making this unique and fun event possible. I had fun with it even before seeing exactly what I was getting out of it at the very end. May this be but the first of many, many times the Springtime Pyukumuku does something awesome for the good Trainers of Fizzytopia.

*hugs Aster* Thank you so much.

EDIT: Y'know what? Feeding the three Springtide Chocolate Rare Candies to Aster.

*Aster grew to level 2!*

*Aster grew to level 3!*

*Aster grew to level 4!*

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