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Jirachi You must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing.

Kijo responds to the formal reception that she and Bia receive from the pair of Gardevoir with a slight raise of the eyebrow. At best, the Kanto native was skeptical of the shrine's purported properties, and did little to hide that she was annoyed at Bia's insistence that they visit the shrine; that the Gardevoir bowed so respectfully, and with such dignity, despite being psychic types who were presumably aware of what manner of sharp, dagger-like thoughts cut forth through Kijo's brain, was certainly commendable. She manages a slight bow in return, deciding she would save her sarcastic jibes for some other victim.

Her Stufful, on the other hand, seems in awe of the place. Embedded in the obsidian like a jewel, Jirachi's eye bore deeply into Bia's mind - the third eye, of course. Perhaps others could not see it - perhaps it was simply not there to be seen - but it stares at her regardless, in stark contrast to the polite Gardevoir who kept their eyes averted (perhaps that was their secret to maintaining composure). Bia squeaks a respectful greeting to the statue, which her trainer regards with a gruff sigh.

As Kijo turns over the wooden plaques in her gloved hands, Bia admires the ema of other trainers, bearing wishes galore - some wrote lists, while others drew little pictures. All of them done lovingly, with care... all of them earnest in their desires. If Bia had the ability to draw, she would make beautiful pictures for Jirachi, too - pictures sure to please the legend such that it would fulfill her trainer's wishes.

Taking up her own ema and a piece of charcoal, Kijo pauses to think. Her previous "career" had made her brutally practical - it was hard to think of wishes, even now. Certainly, it was not a common practice in Kanto to make the requests of the legendaries for... well... anything. The legendary birds were notoriously independent, and no sane human being would request presents from Mewtwo. If Mew had any generosity, it was not known to her - and not something anyone had thought to set up a shrine for. But perhaps this was solely Jirachi's custom, as a Pokemon associated with wishes.

Kijo writes in harsh, dark script:


After writing these wishes down and nodding once in approval, she reaches into her pocket and hands a small wad of bills to the Stufful, which she gingerly grips with her mouth. "Go put this in the box for me, will you? I am sure Jirachi will appreciate it far more from you." Bia squeaks happily and trots away, eager to make her offering.

Once Bia is out of sight, the trainer scribbles a few extra things under the Memakyu, with tiny drawings:


With these last-minute editions, she leaves the Ema up under the lovely depiction of a Mimikyu surrounded by friends, and exits the shrine to meet back up with her starter. Bowing once again to the keepers of this place, she and her Stufful depart down the serene cobblestone pathways that led them here.

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