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Originally Posted by Meetan View Post
It had been a long time since Alice had visited the Adoption Centre-- not since taking in her dozy little Spinda. She had been in a bit of a slump recently. Thrown into a new world with no answers did that to a person sometimes, especially since she didn't really have any human friends to speak of. It had also taken time to make sure this was the right decision. Adopting anything on a depressive whim was not the right thing to do after all, but with the sudden overcrowding and plenty of love to give, Alice was sure this was a good decision.

Many Pokemon tugged at her heartstrings, but one little lady stood out the most. It was a sad looking Mime Jr, her pink form suiting the general aesthetic of the trainer and her team, and the shimmer helping her to stand out among the larger crowd. It was in its spot, anxiously teetering and imitating its pound-mates, probably out of habit and to keep her stimulated and focused.

"Hey there, lil girl." Alice cooed, and the Pokemon jumped a little bit. On the young woman's shoulder, a bright pink Pichu waved a paw, looking perfectly cheery. From the pocket of her denim shorts, Alice procured a white sphere and plucked thirty pokedollars from her purse. "I think we'd like to take you home with us today. What d'ya say to that?"

It's a hard choice to justify, taking on another Pokémon. You have to care for it. Love it. Protect it. Feed it. The life you give it -- good or bad -- is the life it's going to have. It's a huge responsibility, and you have enough sense to know you can't go taking something like that one as a whim.

She stands out though, doesn't she? Aye, she's a real beaut. It's easy to see why you'd fall for her, and not simply because she's pretty in pink. She mimes her fellow residents delicately, mimicking their airs, and when you approach -- after a bit of a jump -- she mimes you, too. She mirrors you so perfectly that when you call over the staffer, it makes him laugh. He claims she's taken a shine to you. Ha! Get it? Shine! He laughs again.

It's been a long 24 hours; we're all mad here.

Adoption of Lv. 01 (F) Shiny Mime Jr. confirmed.

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