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”A-A-Are you s-sure that this is the right w-way Mio?” Patches is shaking so hard she is having a hard time speaking. This is not the kind of environment that she would generally put herself into willingly. Only today was different, she had received a very special invitation to a Birthday party and she knew it would be rude to turn it down. Although she has never met the host, their Pokemon were still kind enough to give her an invitation. “Pikachu!” Mio looks back and gives Patches a big smile and a confident nod.

“W-well I’m glad I h-have you to lead t-the way. I wouldn’t want to get l-l-lost out here.” She gently squeezes the Eevee she is holding in her arms and it helps her settle down a bit. “I’m glad you’re alright with me holding you Momo, I’d be feeling much worse if I didn’t have a Pokemon to snuggle with right about now.” She puts her brave face on and presses forward, following closely behind Mio who seems to actually be enjoying this.

’You know what? It’s really not so bad once you give it a chance, it’s just that it’s dark and all of the plants look dead. I really should have brought Totodile with me so I could at least give some water to all of these dried up plants.' Just as Patches began to feel at ease suddenly loud eerie cries are heard from the distance. “Pika pika!” Mio points in the direction the cries sounded like they were coming from and begins to happily run toward it.

“You mean I have to g-go toward that s-scary sound!?!” Patches is now hugging Momo even tighter but this time it doesn’t seem to be helping. “vee...” Momo was beginning to lose his ability to breathe.

“Ack! S-sorry Momo, I didn’t m-mean to squeeze you so t-tightly.” She loosens her grip on Momo, takes a deep breath, and begins to run in the same direction Mio went in order to catch up. The sounds only continue to get louder and Patches is using every last ounce of bravery she has in order to continue following Mio. ’I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.’ She makes up a little mantra in her head and keeps repeating it to herself in hopes that it will get her through this hard time.

Suddenly, a shadow appears out of nowhere and zips by right in front of her. “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!” Patches squeals so loudly that Mio wouldn’t even be surprised if all of Fizzytopia heard it. She reflexively drops Momo and takes off running as fast as she possibly can, passing Mio in a flash. She can’t even think. The only thing that is working right now is pure instincts and adrenaline. She keeps running and running, the cries getting louder, and her two Pokemon struggling to keep up behind her.

Suddenly as her adrenaline begins to wear off a tall tree comes into view. And she immediately spots a Meowth and her friend Keith in front of what looks like a door on the tree. ’Oh no!’ She has been running so fast that she can’t seem to stop herself and is headed straight for Keith. “KE-!!” she tried to speak in order to warn him but she was too late. Next thing she knew she plowed right into Keith and then fell into the door.

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