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Originally Posted by Marion Ette View Post
Snorby (1/3) – Though decidedly more modern and summery than the Old Chateau, Grant can't help but feel that same mischievous, ghostly presence in this abandoned Beach House. In some ways, it was much like home, and it was an odd feeling indeed to walk into a place that was so foreign, and yet so familiar.

Jupiter reveals the egg hidden behind the unsettling painting, and Grant can't help but exclaim his surprise and confusion at how the Springtime Whatsitsface could hide eggs without even having any hands – did he hear something laughing behind him? He could have sworn, but... nah, it was probably nothing. Either way, something cool has to be hidden in such a concealed location like this one, and Jupiter excitedly agrees. Needing no further encouragement, Grant happily removes the egg from the hiding spot, only to notice that it is covered with an odd-looking sheet...

With a loud crack the egg splits in two, and whatever happened to be inside rushes beneath the sheet. Taking the form of a crude imitation of Pikachu, the ghostly creature within does a little dance to say hello. She's not fooling anyone, but she does seem to be happy with the trainer and Pokemon who have decided to claim her.

There it was, that laughter again – Grant turns around to face the sound, and finds nothing, save an Easter basket that he had not noticed before. It seems to be filled with goodies – how lovely! Had something moved out of the corner of his eye? Grant couldn't be sure...

The ceiling fan starts spinning out of control. The painting compartment slams shut, without warning – the Pikachu depicted, now eyeless, appears to be transforming into a monstrosity right before Grant's eyes. The hunt is over, and the living are no longer welcome. Please leave.

You obtained:
- Lv.1 Female Mimikyu
- 1 Ghostium Z OR 1 Fairium Z
- 1 TM Aurora Veil
- 3 Springtide Chocolate Rare Candies
- 1 Bunny Suit (Held Item) – This suit allows a Pokémon to jump 50% higher than usual and increases the effectiveness of its healing moves by 25%

Congratulations on finishing your Springtide Event campaign! After replying to this post you may claim your reward.

Within moments of Grant picking up the egg (which was covered in a strange blanket), the shell cracked open, and whatever little ghoul hatched from it immediately took shelter under a blanket that came with the egg. The blanket made it look like a beat-up Pikachu doll, but Grant smiled when he saw two beady little eyes staring out of the Pikachu's chest. Gently scooping his new Pokemon up, Grant brought it up to eye level with him and smiled. "Hey, little one! I'm Grant, and this is Jupiter" He murmured warmly, gesturing to the excitable little Rotom, who was spinning and chirping delightedly. "We're your new family!" The Mimikyu seemed delighted, rubbing up against Grant's cheek and wrapping two ghostly arms around him. Laughing, Grant returned the gesture before setting the Mimikyu down.

Turning around, he saw a basket of goodies- a Ghostium Z, a TM, 3 special Rare Candies, and a bunny suit. Once he picked up the basket, Grant noticed that the ghosts became agitated, as if indicating that he was no longer welcome. Scooping up his new hatchling and ushering Jupiter out, Grant hastily exited the Abandoned Beach House.

"Well!" Grant said, now outside the house. "That was quite the hunt. Springtime Pumukuku or whatever sure knows how to host an event! Looking to his new Pokemon, Grant crouched before the Mimikyu. "Hey, little one, you need a name. How 'bout Persephone? Does that sound good to you?"

Persephone chirped happily, clearly pleased by her name. Jupiter promptly rushed her, starling her with a tight, static-y hug. "Wow!" Grant said with a chuckle, "You're sure fitting right into the big brother role, aren't you Jupes?"

The Rotom nodded vigorously, his trademark cheeky grin plastered on his face. Happy with the events of the day, Grant placed his new Ghostium Z onto his Z-Ring, placed the rest of the contents of the basket into the bag, and headed over to the docks with his two little ghosties.


- Persephone the Lv.1 Female Mimikyu
- 1 Ghostium Z
- 1 TM Aurora Veil
- 3 Springtide Chocolate Rare Candies
- 1 Bunny Suit (Held Item) – This suit allows a Pokémon to jump 50% higher than usual and increases the effectiveness of its healing moves by 25%

Thanks for the updates, Marion! c;

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