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The Hidden Mansion. An ancient building, infested with enough Ghosts to speed up every Pokémon in existence with the Ability of Rattled. Despite this dubious distinction, however, the mansion's sprawling grounds enjoyed a reputation as, hands down, the cheapest real estate in the Fizzytopia region. Whether this would remain the same under the new Elite Four's reign remained to be seen, but for now, if you bought a Secret Base and you bought it cheap, you likely bought it on the Hidden Mansion's grounds.

One such Trainer was wandering said grounds. Far from fearing the local specters, Keith Masters felt quite at home. Indeed, he had recently received an invitation from another Trainer...'s Pokémon. They were apparently throwing a party behind his back, though the difference here was that-

"-that this guy's actually invited to the party, Meowth," Keith was saying.

"Hey, youse had a party of yer own dat night," Meowth retorted. "Besides, I didn't tink you'd wanna know about it."

"Meowth, lemme tell you something," Keith grinned. "The next time you want to throw a wild party at my Secret Base... make sure I can actually attend it, hmm?"

"Deal," Meowth grinned back. "So, who is dis Austin guy anyways?"

Keith shrugged (nearly jostling Meowth off his shoulder in the process). "Never met him before," he said. "He either moved in recently, or moved in a while back and hasn't gotten to know his neighbors yet. Either way, you know me, Meowth- always willing to welcome someone else into the neighborhood."

"I feel like I'm da only one wat tinks it's weird dat we refers to a haunted mansion's equally haunted grounds as 'da neighborhood'," Meowth commented to no one in particular as they approached the place in question- built into the tallest willow tree on the property. Approaching the front door, Keith knocked.

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