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Originally Posted by Tyoyo3131 View Post
In the chaos of recent weeks, it was no wonder that the Adoption Center was crowded with both people and Pokemon. With so many people giving up their Pokemon in search of a fresh start, Jade couldn't help but pity the poor creatures. With how close she was to all of her Pokemon, she couldn't imagine parting from them. Even Buddy, when they had been together for only a few weeks now, felt like a proper part of the family. So as she stood before the center, spectating the chaos within, Buddy perched on her head and beat his wings. "I'm not sure if we'll find anything in there, bud. Still want to visit?" Jade asked of him. While her other Pokemon were wonderful walking companions, Buddy's small and unassuming form was a blessing to Jade, wanting to attract as little attention as possible.

Buddy kicked off from Jade's hair in front of her and nodded. "Cuuue!" He cried, flying circles around her head. He seemed excited, to say the least.

"Alright, we'll head in. I'll follow you, fly up high if you get lost, alright Buddy?" Jade said, already walking forward. The Cutiefly flittered forward, bouncing happily in flight. As the two approached the door, they struggled past a few people leaving the building with excited faces and fresh Pokeballs clutched in their hands. She smiled for their newfound friends, but she felt weird about the idea of effectively a Pokemon store. A scenario like that is where Orville likely escaped from, and Alice was likely purchased from by her family. But they were in better hands now, and these Pokemon probably prefer to be with these new trainers than abandoned on the street.

Jade felt uncomfortable in the building. The plot of land the Adoption Center sat on was beautiful, and while meeting all of these Pokemon was quite nice, she'd much rather be outside or literally anywhere with less people. Buddy buzzed ahead, though, towards a set of cages near the back wall and she felt forced to follow. The Cutiefly had a knack for getting into rough spots on his own, too curious for his own good. He hovered before a cage containing a Lillipup and stuck his probiscus in, trying to get a bit closer. The pup ran up to the cage and gave a little bark before licking the bars and messing up Buddy's fluff, slicking it back into a little cowlick on top. Buddy flew back, trying to shake the slobber off, and the Lillipup fled to the back corner of his cage, lapping up water to get the pollen out of his mouth. Jade couldn't help but laugh.

"C'mon Buddy, let's go outside for a bit. I want to see what's out there." Jade said, taking the Cutiefly in her hands and scratching at his head. Buddy let out a gentle "Cuuue..." and went along with it, content with his current situation. She went to the right side of the building, almost knocking over a poor clerk carrying a stack of papers in her struggle to push through the crowd. "Sorry! Sorry! Oh gosh! I'm sorry!" She somewhat shouted, and pushed open the door into a the fields beyond. While there were a few people wandering about, it felt more free than inside, and she was content. "Alright, lead the way little dude." She held her hands out and the Cutiefly flew ahead, following a worn path to many buildings out ahead. Buddy kept stopping every once in a while to fly down to some nearby wildflowers, and Jade took in her surroundings whenever he did. There are definitely worse places to stay, she thought.

Eventually, the duo made their way to a plain red barn, slightly worn down but still standing. Buddy hovered over to the door and tried to pull it open with his tiny arms, struggling and pulling with all of his might. "I've got this one. What are you looking for? There's no flowers in there." Jade asked as she walked forward, nudging him aside and pulling on the door. The room inside was mostly lit with a window in the top of the barn and some lanterns, with a floor coated in hay and individual stables on the sides. Buddy buzzed ahead to one of the little stables, and poked inside. Jade followed and peeked over a stable door to see a bright pink Pokemon, with a small yellow flower on its head. It was laying down on its side, resting on a pile of hay. "Cutie!" Buddy cried out, hovering around. The other Pokemon poked his head up, glancing back and forth to Buddy and Jade. It stood suddenly on shaking legs, backing up further into the corner.

"Hey, little one! It's alright!" Jade said quietly, trying her best to calm it down. She pulled out her Pokedex from her bag and registered the new Pokemon as a Deerling, male. He gave a whimper and stared back at her. "We don't mean to hurt you, ok? Why are you all alone out here?" Jade said. Buddy flew down to the flower on the Deerling's head and tried to search for nectar in it. The Deerling leaned down, trying to dodge away. "Dee!" He said, trying to headbutt Buddy away. Buddy flew straight up and around

"Just shy? I understand that. This place has been kinda crowded today, huh?" Jade starts to take a seat on the dusty floor. "Do you just like to be alone, or are you afraid? Because, y'know. People aren't that scary. Just overwhelming sometimes." The Deerling stood up straight again and stopped leaning into the wall. "Do you mind if I stay here for a bit? I have some things I want to draw that I saw today." Jade said, pulling her sketchbook from her bag. She watched the deer for a response. He kneeled back down and laid on the hay, still watching Jade hesitantly.

Jade sat like that for a while, sketchbook in her lap. Buddy eventually got tired of buzzing about and went back into his Pokeball for rest, leaving Jade and the Deerling alone in silence. Night began to fall outside, and the barn was only dimly lit by the gentle orange light, Deerling's breathing slowed back down to normal and then down to near sleeping. Jade checked the time on her Pokegear and set her sketchbook aside. She nudged the Deerling awake, his head rising quickly before remembering.

"It's getting late. I've gotta run home, alright? Thanks for letting me stay with you." Jade whispered, trying not to upset him too much. She stood and dusted herself off as much as she could. "Later, little guy." Jade waved to him as she openned the stable door again and started to leave. She heard the creaking of the rusty hinge behind her. She turned to see the Deerling, standing as confidently as he had ever been in front of her. "You coming with me, then? We'd be happy to have you." Jade said. He walked towards the door of the barn, and the two left in silence, with something understood between them.

When they made it back to the Adoption Center, only one clerk was left at the building. They seemed concerned to see them so late, but Jade explained quickly. "I've been sitting with this little one for a while, and I lost track of time. Is it too late to adopt?" The clerk shrugged, setting down a bottle of food for a Murkrow in front of them. They explained they might as well, now that the building is closed. Jade thanked them, and the Deerling nuzzled up against her, happy for the companionship.


Adopting this level 1 Male Deerling with the payment of $30. He's gonna go into a normal Pokeball, dropping me down to 3 for that batch. Thanks for running everything so cleanly, Tate.

The Adoption Center, charitable as it is, puts a certain sense of unease in you. Though the adoption fee is meant to help with upkeep costs and nothing more, it does strike you as a payment in your mind, and this unsettles you. Still, you know these creatures are likely happy to be here -- or on their way to new homes -- than lost on the streets, and the idea puts you at ease.

Buddy is having the time of his life, exploring the center, and getting into only a little bit of good-natured trouble. You're enjoying seeing him so happy, and enjoying all the spectacular sights, yourself. The grounds are verdant and as well-kept as they can be given the workload the staff bears. There's a pond full of fish and aquatic Pokémon, in addition to the aquariums that you had seen indoors, and several large kennels outside for larger critters to run. There's a barn near the back of the property, and a stable, and a giant flight cage, the contents of which are obscured by the fine mesh which comprises the walls. Thick with berry bushes and fruit trees and a handful of small specialty buildings, it's a maze in its own right, and you and Buddy wander for a good 45 minutes before you end up at the aforementioned Barn, where something has your little Cutie all abuzz. Happy to indulge him, you open the door and meander inside.

You had figured there weren't any flowers in the slightly dusty building, but you were wrong -- there was exactly one! It just happened to be on the head of a Deerling. He's quick to be spooked by you, as is the nature of his species. You have a gentle temperment, however, and you're quiet with him, which helps to put him at just enough ease to allow you to spend a quiet afternoon drawing all the things you've seen in his placid company. It's a tranquil way to pass the time, and oh how it passes indeed -- the next thing you know, it's evening, and the sun filtering through the evening is blue and waning. Buddy has long retreated to his ball for some rest and you're a bit knackered yourself, body a touch achy from having sat in the same position for several hours -- as nice as it's been, it's time to go home, don't you think?

You nudge your new friend awake, very gently, so that you can tell him goodbye. It really was a treat to spend some time with him -- and he agrees. It's been so terribly hectic around here lately, and he appreciates your relaxed way of life. He wants to come with you, and continue to live these peaceful days. His snout is a moist and cool when he nuzzles you, and you really can't say no to that, can you? When he follows you all the way back to the main building, it' pure magic; even the lone staffer -- who almost drops the container she's capping when you walk in -- thinks so. As you fill out the forms required to adopt, she discretely takes a photo of the Deerling and sends it to some of her coworkers via her DexNav, amazed with how much it has taken to you. Probably not the ost professional thing to do, but we hope you don't mind. We're just human, after all!

Adoption of Lv. 01 (M) Deerling confirmed.

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