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Austin had spent the last few weeks preparing and decorating the willow. He didn't know how many would show up, especially after his Pokemon went behind his back to invite almost everyone in the land of Fizzytopia. Not that he minded, he was trying to be more social anyways. He just hoped that there were enough supplies to last the entire party, and space to even house people. The willow was a bit small, but it was cozy to him. He did have to make some preparations though.

Looking from behind the kitchen, the teen saw Wisp floating around and making sure everything was just how his trainer wanted it. Despite the Litwick being mischievous, especially when his older sister of a Gengar is around, he did at least try and carry out Austin's wishes. Prince was curled up on his makeshift cardboard throne. Just typical of the Skitty to just sleep before his party. His trainer didn't particularly blame the cat for sleeping, especially since Prince was up all night excited for today. Next to the sleeping Skitty was an Espurr in a dashing butler uniform. Austin didn't know why Jakob wanted to serve Prince, but maybe it was a connection the two felines had.

The teen soon heard the cabinets at his feet start rattling, and he quickly kneed them The word 'freedom' started to flood his head, the legion trapped within the cupboards wanting to roam as usual.

"Homonculus, I'm not letting you out. Especially considering what happened at the bar the last time you left my sights... Do you want me to at least place your doll out?" He asked the legion of souls, trapped within the body of a single Bronzor. They all said yes, and he quickly opened the cabinet, grabbed the doll, and then closed it again. Some say this would be Pokemon cruelty, Austin just wanted to make sure that his guests left in a sound mental state.

Austin then set the doll down in front of the TV, carefully placed onto the sea of cushions. He heard the Bronzor's souls say thank you, and Austin was content. The doll served as a way for the legion to effectively communicate, and often carried the Bronzor around despite looking like the average Unovan youngster. Looking at the TV, he saw a few of his Pokemon glued to it. Twix, his Swirlix, Kai the Pachirisu, and Yuke the Spheal were all watching a movie that their trainer put on earlier. He didn't disturb them, as he put on the show so that he and Marie could decorate the place. Speaking of Marie, where was she...

"Hey kid, upstairs is all ready. Seems you got down here ready too. Don't worry about them up there. FOrrest and Leia are going through that flower book you bought them some time ago. Rose is also with them, glad that she fit in easily with those two. Nick is there to showcase how to get the the bathroom, and Parker seems to be talking to the Ninetales despite their... vitriolic relationship. Selene is doing... something. I swear that Lunatone does what she wants. Custer is sleeping in your bed. I can see that Terrance is down here watching the food...? Have you seen Taiyo?" The Gengar suddenly appearing behind him, giving her status report of the upstairs. Austin ponders her questions, then remembers where the Larvesta was. He pointed towards the table, where the bug type was sitting it Terrance's lap.

The Gengar soon vanished again, probably making sure that the upstairs didn't go to hell. Austin just waited for guests to arrive. He was nervous, but ready.

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