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Originally Posted by Sneaze View Post
Strutting into the Adoption Center with every intent of adding another spectral menace to his team, Michael's glance is caught when his pup Jessabelle begins barking at a cage, just as he was about to pick out a Shuppet to call his own. Turning, he spies a lone Houndour having been left in the Center, and his mind is swiftly made up, shoving away the Ghost that was about to be handed to him and swiftly unlatching the latch on the pup's cage.

Producing the Adoption Fee of $30, as well as a single Pokeball (1/5), the man gets in line behind all the others at the counter. "I'll take her."

It's a trend, it seems: come for a Shuppet, leave for something else. In your case, you're distracted by the baying of your hound, alerting you to, well... a hound! And immediately, you're smitten. Furthermore, who could blame you? There's something quintessentially charming about Houndour. Even the manager of the Adoption Center -- currently MIA -- is known to have one, despite it very much not being a bird. They're just that great. Great enough that you literally shoved away the Shuppet that was ready to be received into your arms -- surely breaking its heart -- in favor of the fiery little pup.

You're cold. Good thing fire's hot. It'll warm you up!

Adoption of Lv. 01 (F) Houndour confirmed.

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