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Originally Posted by Raves View Post
The scene at the centre was one of organised chaos.

People and pokemon were being flung around like luggage, trainers arguing over which pokemon they wanted, others fleeing with their adoptions. One trainer escaped on their new Aerodactyl's back, kicking down their competition into the crowd which devoured them whole, while another snuck by with a Larvesta bundled under his shirt discreetly, while a third trainer was busy beheading another over the sakes of a horrified Petilil.

Truly a sight of chaos in the eyes of the psion. The Elgyem paid little heed to the racket, however, instead focusing its mind on a single figure who sifted through the mess of man and mon directly towards the being. Yes, it was time for the Elgyem to leave the rabble.

The figure arrived, indistinguishable under all the clothing and strips of cloth they wore, but looking into the eyes the psychic pokemon knew that her destiny lay with the stranger. Without a nod, the pair had left the battleground, the manager trying in vain to bring order as they reached for the bottle of Kyurem's Breath Man Repellant they reserved for such an occasion.

OOC: Picking up this level 1 female Elgyem, popping her into my 10th of 500 pokeballs and paying $30.

They say the world is little more than what our cognition makes of it, and to yours, the Adoption Center truly is a battleground. Clad in bizarre cloaks and scraps of cloth, you descend upon the madness and wordlessly claim the otherworldly effigy for yourself. A technician with a clipboard tries to stop you with some bureaucratic nonsense but you walk right on by, and when she tries to find the manager there is neither hide nor hair of the elusive bird keeper in sight, having been lost to the carnage. Perhaps you'll leave a flower on the premature grave of a fellow trainer, who is in the back office, trying to get through to the League as we speak died in vain on this gristly war ground?

Adoption of Lv. 01 (F) Elgyem confirmed.

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