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Originally Posted by Whimsy View Post
Michael was pleased to see the Adoption Centre open again, Dikune more so. The pair had been helping the shop owner reorganise the place recently - which was no small feat. The amount of logistical red tape and forms that had to be filled in had almost driven Michael insane. Dikune didn't have it any easier, having offered to help transport and manage the wellbeing of the newly up for adoption Pokemon. It did start off easy, but having to handle tough stuff like Aerodactyl... Lets just say all his time acting like Michael's caretaker paid off. The two of them entered the centre with pride - it was all worth it now just to see the happy faces of everyone around them.
"I'm so glad we did this, Di. Though I'm surprised you even offered to help honestly."
"I offered because I had to. I cannot sleep knowing that another pokemon might have to go through what Cy-... what he and I went through in the system."
The pair entered the room where the pokemon's cages were kept. Some were roaming around freely, some were locked away for the public's (and their own) safety. There were so many pokemon around that Michael almost squealed with excitement. So many choices! He felt like a kid in a candy shop! Ooh, he could adopt the Slakoth! He'd met so many around vendanturf and they seemed like such chill pokemon. But what about Girafarig? They were so cute, and so clever too. Oh, but the Scraggy looked so small and precious, almost like another version of Murray. Then there were the Axew and Dratini, the potentially powerful dragons. That could be a true test of his skills as a breeder! And the shiny pokemon too! They were so rare...
Michael hadn't noticed he'd stopped. He was too busy daydreaming and imagining all the fun he could have with the pokemon around him. His thoughts were racing a mile a minute. So imagine his surprise when his mind suddenly went blank.
"Dikune! I didn't ask you for th-," Michael pouted, before realising his Hypno was a few feet ahead of him. That was odd. Then who'd done the dream sucky thingy? He felt a weight on his head. That answered his question. He reached up and pulled the thing on his head off, and lowered it so he could identify the culprit. It was a Munna. Now that he thought about it, it should have been obvious. Pink mist was still drifting from his head into the small pigs nose, and she mewled with satisfaction at its taste.
"Michael, are you ok? I didn't see we had been separated!" Dikune asked, flustered. The Hypno had Teleported back when he realised Michael was gone. He saw the pink mist coming from Michael and Munna, and realised what was going on. His face dropped.
"Michael. Put her down. She might have done something to you." Dikune growled. Michael complied, releasing the Munna from his grip. The Munna stretched and yawned, clearly sated.
"Oh don't be like that Di, she's harmless? See?" Michael replied. Dikune's stern expression remained unchanged. The Munna wasn't phased by his hostility though. In fact, the little psychic pig had chosen to perch and fall asleep on his head. This caught the stoic Hypno off guard, and almost threw him off balance.
"See, she likes you!" Michael teased. Hypno couldn't say anything, instead only giving out flustered half sentences of confusion. Michael laughed, before looking around for one of the assistants running the centre. He gave the one he found some money, and in return was given some familiar documents to sign.
"What do you say, should we keep her?" Michael asked. Dikune was still tongue tied however. It turned out that he and the Munna had been having a little telepathic conversation while she slept, the contents of which he refused to share with his trainer (He later revealed that at one point, the Munna had likened his head to a warm fluffy marshmallow).
"I'll take that as a yes then. Welcome to the team Esmerelda!"
Adopting this Level 1 Female Munna, and putting her in this Heal Ball.

$30 Payment

You and Dikune have worked hard as volunteers to help get the Adoption Center running, and it's been very satisfying to see all of your effort pay off. It's a bit surreal to have it full of people after it had been closed to the public for so long, and all the commotion is stressful for you and the residents alike, but it's also all quite exciting. You have images of your next potential teammate dancing in your head like gumdrops, and apparently you're not the only one who thinks the images are sugary sweet, because after a few moments of your reverie your mind goes blank as something other than Dikune gobbles them right up!

Peeling the culprit off your cranium, you find it's a cute little Munna, who's apparently gorged herself on your ideations, snuffling and sighing in pure satiation. Dikune is not pleased -- picnicking on your brain is his job! At his demand you drop the critter, but left unattended she finds a nice nesting spot on his dome instead, and it's arguably more comfortable than yours.

Shall you take her home with you? You seek Dikune's opinion, but he has nothing to say on the matter. In fact, he has little to say at all. Has she stolen his thoughts, too? It's unclear. She might be in the process of stealing something. Best to leave them be. A technician hands you a form that at this point does nothing short of haunt you in your nightmares, and you take a seat at a cluttered table to fill it out. Fortunately for you, you now have two dream eaters to help with those night terrors!

Adoption of Lv. 01 (F) Munna confirmed.

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