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Originally Posted by Missingno. Master View Post
Keith raced into the Adoption Center as soon as the doors were thrown open. He didn't expect to be the fastest of everyone who had gathered, so he didn't even bother trying for the Aerodactyl, or the Larvesta, or any of the Shinies, though it did sadden him a bit to see that someone else beat him to the Magikarp. "Aww, and I had the perfect nickname for him," Keith murmured. He waited a moment for Meowth to respond before remembering- he'd left Meowth back at the Secret Base. He didn't want the Normal-type getting trampled by this insane crowd. Looking around, Keith soon saw another tank of water, this one not quite so bustling. A lone Water-type swam around in it, and so intriguing was its appearance that it warranted Keith taking out his Pokédex and pointing it at the aquatic creature.

"Tympole, the Tadpole Pokémon. A Water-type. By vibrating its cheeks, Tympole emits soundwaves imperceptible to humans and warns its kind of danger. It uses the rhythm of these sounds to talk."

"Interesting," Keith remarked, approaching the Tympole's tank. "Hey there, Tympole," he greeted the Water-type. Tympole, in response, poked his head out of the tank, eyeing Keith curiously, before vibrating his cheeks. Keith couldn't hear anything, but he did feel some curious vibrations. It felt... almost... like Tympole was happy? To meet Keith? Keith blinked- was this what the Pokédex meant? Could Tympole convey his emotions to others through vibrations? "Heh, you're glad to meet me, are you?" Keith asked. Tympole smiled in response and created more of the same happy-feeling vibrations, which Keith took to mean yes. "Well, I get the feeling you and I will get along just fine, then," he stated. He held out a Great Ball. "Come with me," he offered. "I got a name in mind for you- how's Tinnitus sound?" He grinned as Tympole responded with the same kinds of vibrations from before. No sound was audible to him, but somehow, the soundwaves got the point across nevertheless. And even if they hadn't, the way Tinnitus jumped up and rammed the Great Ball certainly didn't leave much to the imagination. The ball clicked shut, and Keith grinned his satisfaction as he went to pay for his new Tympole.

OOC: Adopting the level 1 male Tympole, naming him Tinnitus, declaring his Ability to be Hydration, and placing him in this Great Ball (#3 of 3). Oh, yeah, and paying 30 for him, naturally.

It's much quieter than usual without your right-hand 'mon. In all the commontion, you find someone else has snatched up your first pick, but you're not one to let your spirits fall! No, you're Keith Masters, and you can always find something to love about any critter, can't you? In fact, as you peruse the tanks in the aquatics section, one little weirdo in particular stands out to you -- and I do mean that in a good way! We're all weird here.

Checking your 'dex, you're immediately intrigued by the Tympole, and it's fair to say he's immediately intrigued with you. In fact, you could say that the little guy sends some good vibrations your way. You two make fast friends, it seems, but is that really any surprise? You're the master of misfits, making friends wherever you go -- a real champion of hearts! When you offer him your Great Ball, he accepts readily, honored to be bestowed a name and a home; it's probably been pretty lonely here at the Adoption Center. Your menagerie is full of all sorts of odds and ends, and it can get hectic, but your reputation precedes you and as you sign the last of the forms to take little Tinnitus home, the staff is confident -- he's going to be just fine!

Adoption of Lv. 01 (M) Tympole confirmed.

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