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Lv. 01 (F) Axew ($30)
No special moves.
It was truly a hectic day at the Adoption Center given its grand reopening, but one that Duke had been anxiously waiting for a long time since he let go of most of his companions. The truth is, for years he felt he had lost the spark of what made a true dragon tamer, and ever since that dreaded incident he had trouble maintaining the kind of self confidence he once had mastery of. It was all his fault. By the end of it all, only the most stubborn of his companions remained, despite how hard he tried to push them all away. In order to find himself he needed to start anew. To raise yet another true dragon from the grounds up into magnificence, and in the process, to ascertain his own value a trainer of Blackthorn.

As he made his way to the counter, he wasted no time to let it be known what his desire was. He had already seen the listings online, and in an instant he felt it was meant to be. A young female Axew. He knew not whether she would accept him, but even if she didn't, that would be fine as well. It would be his personal challenge to build a nigh unbreakable bond with this creature. He already had a name in mind, even. Presea. A precious thing. It would be a name she would grow into.

OoC: Adopting this little one while I can. Payment. Placing her into a Pokeball (3/10).

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