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Originally Posted by 134 View Post
Lv. 01 (M) Dratini ($30)
No special moves.
The opening of the AC proved to be chaotic as Connor had guessed. Oddly, no camera slung on his neck and not a single one of his Pokemon were present. The young photographer didn't know why he went here knowing the inevitable crowd that would gather in front of the Center's doors. People had been scrambling to find a Pokemon they had liked and quickly the photographer realizes why he had visited in the first place as he saw a trainer step out with a Pokemon he knew all too well.

It never dawned on the photographer until now, but seeing some of the Pokemon he had previously raised go to other new trainers... that feeling of finality, the fact that he will most likely never see most of them ever again... it did leave a certain hurt in his heart. Deeply, he knew he had wanted to see them one last time, even though both parties involved agreed to him dropping them off there. Yet all the same, passing by some of his former Pokemon that are now happy to begin a new chapter in the lives, it made Connor... hopeful. Hopeful that, as his new beginning would turn out for the best, that his old Pokemon would enjoy their new lives as well. The photographer was about to head outside when he felt that someone was staring at him. Amidst the chaos, he found that a certain Dratini had noticed him.

While Connor has had experience of raising Dragon-types during his tenure in the Daycare, the young man had personally never had to raise a dragon of his own. With the Dratini staring at him with his big oval eyes, it sort of reminded him of the time he had met Foster in this Center too. He was calling to him, practically asking him to take him at this point. Connor was so stunned at the Dratini's gaze that it took someone rudely bumping to him to realize the chaos the Adoption Center was having. It wouldn't be long now before someone else would notice the dragon and snatch him away. He didn't really have any intentions of adopting a Pokemon here, but a gut feeling was telling him to take the little one and the Dratini seemed so insistent on making Connor take him too.

"This must be what they say... for every good-bye, there's always going to be new hello, huh? I'm actually surprised no one else has gotten your full attention, given how revered your species usually are... or is this your doing I wonder?" Connor said as he was amused at the thought. "All right, you got my attention! Let's get you out of here before someone else take you eh? What say you... Montblanc?" With his decision made, he turned to the staff.

"Excuse me, this Dratini... I'd like to adopt him please!"

OoC: Nabbing this little guy in this here Pokeball! You'll be traveling with me, Montblanc! Payment.

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