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Lv. 01 (M) Aerodactyl ($30)
No special moves.
Grant walked briskly into the newly opened Adoption Center, deftly dodging dozens of trainers excited to get a new Pokemon. This was the Grand Opening, after all. Grant scanned the aisles of Pokemon, looking for one he thought might fit in with his team. He saw Pokemon of all types and sizes. While he was primarily looking for a Ghost-Type, he was certainly open to other options. When he arrived in the Ghost-Type section, he saw a whole slew of Shuppet. I've always wanted on of these! he thought excitedly to himself. "Hey!" Grant waved his arms to a nearby attendant, calling him over. As the attendant approached, though, Grant noticed out of the corner of his eye that an Aerodactyl sat in the back cage. Its eyes were staring directly at him with such intensity that he could almost feel the gaze burning through him. Grant turned and locked eyes with the Aerodactyl, and for a moment, they stared in silence. Then, Aerodactyl's expression suddenly went from pensive to satisfied, almost eager. It reached out from between the cage bars with its clawed hand, uttering a surprisingly gentle coo.

It was at that point that the attendant finally made his way over to Grant. "Well, did you find a Pokemon you'd like?" The young man asked him,"Oh, did you want one of these Shuppet?"

Grant pondered for barely an instant. I'm sure at least one of these Shuppet will still be around in a few days when I come back. Besides, that Aerodactyl really seems to want to join me... "Nope!" He said with full confidence, "I'd like the Aerodactyl, please."

The attendant's eyes widened in surprise. "Are you sure? That Aerodactyl's been quite the handful. It never seemed to respect anyone on our staff."

Grant grinned, pulling out his Wallet and a Poke Ball. "Oh, don't worry sir. I'm pretty confident that he'll respect me just fine."

"Well," the attendant said with a chuckle, accepting the money and walking over to Aerodactyl's cage, "I certainly hope so." He continued as he unlocked the cage. "I'd say you have the right attitude, at least."

The attendant couldn't help but look surprised, however, when Aerodactyl zipped right over to Grant until he stood directly in front of him, eyes expectant. Smiling, Grant enlarged the Pokeball and gently tossed it at the Fossil Pokemon. After a bit of wobbling, it clicked. Grant clipped the ball to his belt, thanked the attendant, and exited the pandemonium of the Adoption Center with a smile on his face.

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