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Originally Posted by Emi View Post
Ironthunder - Please reply in orchid!

Why you are somewhat confused in how the egg seemed to have somehow moved towards you, ultimately its not an egg you are interested in and you decide to continue searching the flowerbeds with Caeda in tow. But it seems that the number of eggs are quickly dwindling, as you search for hours without coming up with anything. It's really rather disheartening, but just when you think that hope is lost and that you'll go home empty handed, you hear some noises in a patch of sunflowers next you. Why are there sunflowers here? Don't ask. That is the wisdom of Shaymin. Great minds think alike.

Parting the sunflowers, you find another egg, and possibly one of the very few left! However, if you were confused about the last egg hatching, this egg is really going to send you into a tailspin. The egg almost be dancing! However, oddly enough, it seems to be dancing to what seems like four different beats! It changes between the two, but you're unable to really figure out if its going to make a choice. There are a number of splotches of color on the egg: red, yellow, pink, and purple. You wonder what the splotches could mean, before the egg begins to glow. Wait, this is bad, someone has low light mode turned on the video camera! You idiot, now the bright light is-!

OH great. Now that intern has done it. The rest of the video is corrupted and we can't see what's going on. However, it seems we still have sound. There is some kind of chirping noise being made, and the experts we have on hand tell us that is the call of an Oricorio, a female one to be exact. We can also hear the vomiting of organs, so that likely means that the Easter Pyukumuku is dropping off some gifts. I swear to Arceus, once I find that intern, he's so fired. He's fired harder than Comey.

x1 Flyinium Z or the primary type of the Oricorio form you choose-Z
x1 Aurora Veil TM
x3 Easter Chocolate Candies (Each worth 1 Rare Candy)
x1 Brand Name Bunny Suit: The user's healing moves heal 25% more HP and the user jumps 50% higher.

Please reply to this post to claim your gifts and your Level 1 Female Oricorio! You'll also be allowed to choose which form your Oricorio hatches in!
Liawe was starting to get concerned that she'd miss her final chance at an egg, given the sun setting upon the horizon. Hours had passed, and neither she nor Caeda could find this final egg. Just as she was about to recall Caeda to call it a day and return empty-handed, the sunflowers to her side moved, revealing a partial egg. Realising that this was her final opportunity, Liawe move to seize it with both hands: A decision she would later regret.

This egg was a strange one, and no doubting it. Another one moving of its own accord, with four multicolored spots on it. She struggled to think what it could be, until she recalled the irritating dancing bird that had plagued her on arrival. She shuddered, the recollection of the visually distasteful bird plaguing her mind. If it hatched into that yellow abomination... The egg glowed, before hatching to reveal... A slightly less horrible purple creature Still a bird, and as confirmed by her Pokedex, another form of Oricorio. It cooed at her, likely wondering who the hell this giant creature was and why it was stood over her. Caeda's arrival didn't improve matters either, the metal predator clearly scaring the dancer vaguely shitless. Sighing, Liawe picked up the bird, wishing she'd taken either of the other eggs she'd found. Alas, life does not have a return policy. Nor a refund policy for that matter. Turning to Caeda's call, she saw the bird flying after her, a woven basket in her talons. Clearly another gift she'd been left. Sighing, she rifled through the item bearer, packing the various items into the segments in her bag before dumping the basket in the bin nearby. So much for her festive feeling.

Level 1 female Oricorio-Sensu.
x1 Flyinium Z
x1 Aurora Veil TM
x3 Easter Chocolate Candies (Each worth 1 Rare Candy)
x1 Brand Name Bunny Suit: The user's healing moves heal 25% more HP and the user jumps 50% higher.
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