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Originally Posted by Ex-Admiral Insane View Post
Raves (3/3) ~please post in lightslategray
Both your Pokémon and the heaven’s up above could only give a sigh of frustration at your plan of attack. With your reckless idea, the writer should have half a mind to let Isaac use earthquake and bring the cave crashing down you. ’And that would be the end of Alexander Blackhall’.

Fortunately for you Isaac followed your orders to the letter, though it wasn’t much better. After preparing his bone with ground energy collected from the earth below, he boomerangs his clubbing bone into the cliff’s side. From within the cave you feel a tremor as stalagtites fall beside you, near impaling you. The egg only wobbled but one of the iron ores beside it collapsed to the floor along with some rubble. Your magnetic egg continues to wobble in its place and you hope to Arceus that the loss of some of the iron would have loosened its grip. The effects of the Bulldoze subside and for a moment you think your plan had only managed to get you into more danger. That is until the egg rolls to the side of the last iron ore and.. drops unexpectedly and right in your hands with a thwack., and before you know it you were holding a cracked egg. If the Springtime Pyukumuku had seen this, who knows what wrath you would have occurred. Despite the brunt impact, the egg wobbles within you as if still resonating with the iron in the cave. The egg cracks even further and a greyish hand reaches out to you from the crevasse. The rocky arm grabs a hold of your clothes and the egg shakes violently as if the Pokémon were trying to shake it off even further. Your Marowak returns at this moment to see, what appeared to be, an egg holding you hostage. Finally though, the egg splinters into a myriad of tiny pieces and out comes a small boulder and a second arm. Instantly the Pokémon let’s go off you and proceeds to stomp the magnetic egg shells she was contained in. The fragments are further pulverized into tiny shard and start clinging to her until finally she has a beard and moustache of magnetic filaments. She doesn’t seem to like this though and rubs her face to move it to her scalp. She looks at you frustrated but by this time it was Harpe who entered the cave, holding a small wicker basket in her tail. Apparently she had found something interesting outside that she wanted to share with you.

You obtained:
- Lv.1 Female Alolan Geodude
- 1 Rockium Z
- 1 TM Aurora Veil
- 3 Springtide Chocolate Rare Candies
- 1 Bunny Suit (Held Item) – This suit allows a Pokémon to jump 50% higher than usual and increases the effectiveness of its healing moves by 25%

Congratulations on finishing your Springtide Event campaign! After replying to this post you may claim your reward.
By the time the bone struck the cliff, Alex realised he had made a critical failure in calculating this plan, notably the presence of stalactites in the cavern. Standing steady, he sidestepped one heading his way as the chamber began to tremble from the bulldoze, steadying himself while the egg rocked around back and forth. However, one of the chunks of ore fell, crashing into the ground like a meteor as the trembling began to subside, the trainer cursing as he forgot his own safety in the cave as he gazed up at the egg, still stubbornly attached to the ceiling, rolling on the ore...before bumping into it and plummeting suddenly. Alex could only dive to grab the egg before it shattered, grasping it as the object landed in his hands and gritting teeth at the surprising weight, before spotting the crack on the egg. Was that damage, or...

The continued wobbling of the egg, still reacting to the ore, while the crack expanded as his suspicions were confirmed, the egg beginning to hatch, as something grey reached out and grabbed his shirt before violently shaking and smacking around as Isaac returned. With a tilt of the head, the Marowak then gave a thumbs up at a job done and stood by to watch the hatching, the egg cracking and shattering further as Alex got a closer look at the arm before the colour drained from his face inexplicably. No, not possible. That can't be possible...

Breaking free at last, the armed boulder released its grip on Alex before slamming into its magnetic egg, pulverizing it into dust which clung to the rock, before it shuffled it upwards to the top of the head. At this moment Harpe entered holding some sort of basket containing a disc, a few chocolates, some sort of suit with a bunny motif and an odd crystal. However, all eyes were on the unimpressed rock type, which was something similar yet different to Alex. No, the way it was glaring at him seemed to be not of anger, but of scolding, as though telling him off for being reckless.

Alex continued to stare back, trembling as the Aipom looked between the Geodude and him, again and again before taking a more scrutinous look at the rock type, confused at the situation before her. The awkward silence was broken after several moments by the human, who had taken a breath to recompose himself.

" seem...familiar...but different..." he choked out slowly, choosing words carefully, before reaching a hand out to the left shoulder of the Geodude, carefully touching it as the newcomer stood, fists clenched waiting. He ran the fingers across the shoulder, across every bump, and towards the front before pausing at two indents, indents different from the others in their depth. This can't be real. No, it can't.

"...b-b-but wh-what...w-w-wait..." he whispered, barely able to keep himself calm. Quivering hand reaching for neck, he removed a charm of sorts before holding it in his hand, out at the rock type. The charm in fact was a rock, a stony finger, a memento as it were. The Geodude looked at it, before placing its hand onto it, onto his, looking up into Alex's leaking eyes, before appearing to nod. Suddenly the Geodude was scopped into the weeping man's arms, Isaac confused as the Aipom hopped around and tried to talk to the fire type.

Unbeknownst to the group, and to the Pyukumuku, an unusual creature watched the scene from behind some rocks, its orange crest sprouting from black head and eyes like discs focused, until it whirled around and in a flash vanished, leaving only a whisper in the winds for the spirits of the realm to hear.

'Sometimes, miracles happen. Valiant deeds of sacrifice will never go without a just reward. Your penance has come to pass, and your charity rewarded with a new lease of life. Take your second chance to hand, child.'

OOC: Picking up my level 1 Aloladude, using the 3 Choco candies to take her to level 4, and using these 3 unused event items with no expiry date on them to bring her up another 8 levels to level 12. I'll take the time to declare her ability as Galvanize here, call her Caritas and take her home with me as well as the other goodies.
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