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Originally Posted by 134 View Post
Tate hadn't met a new best friend during the egg hunt, like so many others had, but that was fine. A deal had been struck which would make two people equally happy. Melody -- a returning idol -- would be delighted to get her hands on the boucy ball of sweetness Tate had found in the treetops, and Tate was bouncing with joy over the ball of fluff and feathers Melody had in hand for the bird keeper. And besides, while it wasn't a magical story of love at first hatch, this was one better: now Tate had three new friends, instead of just one!

It had been a good spring, indeed.


Trading Lv. 01 (F) Bounsweet w/ Grassium Z to PikaGod in return for a Lv. 01 (F) Rowlet w/ Flynium Z.

Trade initiated.

Trading my Lv 1 Female Rowlet with Flynium Z to 134 for their Bounsweet with Grassium Z

Trade Closed
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