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Originally Posted by Balmund View Post
Trading my Lv.1 Male Cubone to Whimsy for 4 Rare Candies.

Trade Initiated

Please take good care of him!
It was not long after he'd returned to his hometown of Vendanturf after the Springtime Egg hunt that Michael gotten an email. It came as a surprise to him considering he never usually checked his emails much. He opened it quickly. The sender wasn't someone he was personally familar with, yet he was a known veteran trainer in the community. That only served to pique his interest more. Why would someone so distinguished take the time to email a little old breeder like him?
As he neared the end of the email, he got his answer. It was because he'd prayed for this to happen.
Michael wasn't a religious man by any means. But his first trip to the Shrine of Jirachi did leave him feeling more connected to the spiritual side of things. Since then, he'd often return to the shrine in order to feel that clarity and peace that he'd found the first time. It seems Jirachi had taken notice of him, and had decided to grant one of his wishes.
Michael and the Veteran trainer Duke exchanged a few more emails detailling the deal to be made. It was so much easier thanks to the recent introduction of wireless trading - all a trainer needed to do was be able to access a PC and they could trade with anyone in the world! He keyed in his old candy store details, set up the wireless transfer and waited...
With a buzz, the trade was complete. Michael withdrew the Pokéball containing his new Pokémon from the PC, and called him out. The young Cubone blinked a few times, before eyeing Michael warily.
"Hi there little guy! Welcome to your new home!" Michael said, his smile reaching from ear to ear. Cubone looked Michael up and down as if sizing him up. He then leapt up to him and started hugging his chest tightly. Michael was started momentarily, but regained his composure quick enough to return the embrace warmly.
"Thank you Jirachi." Michael whispered.
Trading 4 Rare Candies to Balmund for his Level 1 Male Cubone. Thank you so very much!
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