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Originally Posted by Emi View Post
Balmund - Please reply in orangered!

You feel that your luck has petered out at the Shrine, as the next egg you have found isn't really to your liking either. You leave it behind, and begin the long trek to the Volcano path. By the time you get there, you notice its already turning into night time, and so you'll probably only have enough time to find one more egg before they all hatch at the end of the night! You and Chris both decide to double your efforts in look for an eggs, and at day's final light, your Seviper finds an egg. You follow her to a bunch of dead bushes, and part them aside to find an egg hiding there.

The egg is a light brown egg with a large, skull shaped white mark on the front of it. You pick it up to look at it further, but before you can say two words to your Seviper, you find the egg is beginning to hatch! Must have been perfect timing, as a crack appears in the egg before a bone thrusts out of it. You put the egg down, worried that you might get struck yourself, before the egg continues to crumble apart, revealing a small Pokemon with a skull on their face. Most trainers would know this one by sight, its a Cubone! It seems glad to see you, a little sad that it can't find its mother, before hugging your leg. Aww, it looks like the little guy really likes you.

You hear a weird vomiting noise behind you and quickly turn around to see what it is. However, whatever was making that noise seems to have disappeared, and in its place is a goodie bag full of items, although its a little covered in slime. Inside the bag is a number of items, which you open up and take out.

-1 Groundium Z
-1 Aurora Veil TM
-3 Easter Chocolate Candies (Each worth 1 Rare Candy)
-1 Brand Name Bunny Suit: The user's healing moves heal 25% more HP and the user jumps 50% higher.

Please reply to this post to claim your gifts and your Level 1 Male Cubone!

Chris instantly let out an irritated hiss as the newly hatched Cubone affectionately clutched to Duke's leg, prompting the startled little one to seek refuge behind the trainer; the Seviper's jealousy showing no tolerance even for infants. Amused, he laughed out loud as he gently picked up the frightened and teary-eyed newborn. "Aww, don't be like that, Chris! You know, you were just like this when I first hatched you too! Anyways," he turned to Cubone with a paternal grin, "you're safe with me buddy. Your momma may not be around, but I'm definitely taking you to a loving home to make up for that."

A vomiting noise is heard shortly after, and both trainer and Pokemon are surprised to find what seems to be a slimy basket of various assorted goods. It would seem the ever-vigilant Spingtime Pyukumuku had approved of their endeavors, and left them a final parting gift to commemorate the end of the event. Offering his most sincere gratitude, Duke picks up his rewards and beckons Chris to follow along with the promise of an appropriate treat for her diligent work.

OoC: Thanks for the event, and for conducting it in such an amazingly efficient manner! With it concluded I'll be picking up:
Lv.1 Male Cubone
x1 Groundium Z
x1 Aurora Veil TM
x3 Easter Chocolate Candies
x1 Brand Name Bunny Suit


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