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Bedlam Quarry (Neutral): Hotly contested by both the Marshals and the Ribs, the Goldenridge Quarry is the source of the gold and minerals that gave life to the town, and as such is highly valued as a source of funding for all groups. Found in the north-east, the open-cast mine goes deep into the mountainside, and there are still riches to be found as long as one is careful given the turmoil within. The miners have since fled, with only the foolhardiest and toughest remaining to maintain the machinery and extract minerals. The mountainous terrain is a haven to pokemon who enjoy the rocky locale, and there have been sightings of greedy pokemon too. Reply in Beige.
Body spreadeagled on the ground, Sweeney looks up at the downcast sky with a sullen mood hanging around him. The trainer had only wanted to head through Goldenridge - he had no real intention of getting caught up between the warring factions and those trying to bring them to justice. The state of the city didn't affect him much at all, but by some twisted turn of fate he found himself in one of the most hotly contested areas in the entire area. Grumbling, about the most vocal the trainer would ever allow himself to become, Sweeney removed himself from the sodden ground, wiping away the scuff marks and dirt which had adhered to his normally pristine suit. As he does so, the distinct sound of one of his companions began to hiss through the air, joined quickly by the newest addition.

Joss and Samson were both in hysterics over the tumble their trainer had just taken down the side of the quarry, despite the fact the fall very easily could have ended up fatal. Joss was flapping his wings desperately in an attempt to remain airborne while much of his current air supply was being channeled into his wild cackling, punctuated here and there with his most annoying of catchphrases - "let's go boys!" Where the Chatot had gleaned the phrase from Sweeney would never know, and the trainer mused to himself just how much of the bad behaviour of his group Samson had already begun to pick up. The small Salandit was a feisty one, determined to make his mark in and out of battle, but he had fallen into a rather irritating camaraderie with Marco, the pair becoming much more than the sum of their parts when it came to getting Sweeney into trouble.

Finally managing to stretch out most of the residual ache from his fall, Sweeney looked around his surroundings, noticing a nearby entrance into the tunnels of the quarry. Just as he does, a light drizzle begins to fall, but the distinct boom of thunder promises something much more forceful. Shrugging his shoulders, Sweeney decides that some sort of cover would be better than none at all, heading for the entrance to the tunnel. Samson and Joss seem to take the hint, Samson quickly sidling his body up the back of Sweeney to rest on the trainers right shoulder, while Joss fhovered silently above his head.
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