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Originally Posted by Marion Ette View Post
EpicSquirtle (1/3) – Voltaire awakens in Sweet Berry Canopy with no memory of how he got there, and no trainer to direct him. He remembered a battle... a mighty Talonflame and Turtonator... but the recollection ended abruptly at that scene. Fortunately, there appear to be clues left in the form of a Pokeball, and a flyer... the latter of which has a bit of slime dripping from it. Perhaps a helpful passerby had left these objects to help the Emolga...

Oriented to his location by the colorful advertisement, Voltaire is filled with renewed purpose, thinking of how many problems would be solved by finding the perfect egg – the newly born Pokemon could assist him in his escape, his trainer would be grateful for the new member of the team, and Patches would be so very impressed... There didn't seem to be a downside! All that was left to do was to find an egg... and the bustling treetops seemed to be the best place to search. Leaving the Pokeball on the ground for now, he begins his ascent.

As the Emolga climbs the trees, stopping briefly at each branch, he eventually finds something of interest... tucked neatly into the crook of an especially sturdy, knotted branch, a deep pink egg sits calmly, emitting a wonderful scent. Were it not so readily apparent that this was an egg, it would look good enough to eat.

Will Voltaire investigate this egg, or continue his search?

"How much longer is this going to take?!" Voltaire wondered aloud as he continued to climb the rather tall tree. Had he known how long it was going to take to scale the tree, the Emolga would have decided to avoid it all together. But he was no quitter, he had decided to climb this tree, and he was going to stick to climbing it!
The only thing fueling him was his determination to find an egg, his lucky ticket to a better life! But it seemed to only be getting him an aching body....

As he continued to climb, a wondrous scent sudden washed over him. Perhaps there was fruit in this tree? The Emolga hoped so. After all, all this climbing had left him rather hungry.... As Voltaire began to look for the food, he spotted a pink egg, tucked away in a knotted branch nearby.

"Eureka!" Voltaire exclaimed, his short quest to find food long forgotten. He hopped over to the branch, eager to claim his prize, when the scent once again filled his nostrils. Curious, Voltaire quickly sniffed the egg, confirming his suspicions.
"Aha! So it was you!" The Emolga exclaimed. "So you think you can trick me into thinking there's food nearby, huh? Well fine then! I guess I just won't get you then!" The Emolga finished, before continuing his ascent, leaving the egg to it's resting place.

As Voltaire continued to climb, it suddenly dawned on him what he had done. That egg was supposed to be his lucky break! His ticket to luxury!
"Well...there's probably more eggs up here anyway." Voltaire assured himself. "Besides, who wants an egg that plays tricks on innocent Emolga such as me anyway?"
With that, Voltaire continued onward, hoping to find an egg that didn't taunt his stomach.
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