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Shanty Heights


You’re quick to help, but not as quick as Cerno and Freighya. At first, the fire brigade -- and the home owners -- are concerned for the safety of the Pokémon, but after a few minutes, it appears they have things under control. The house is likely unsalvageable, but the extra securement does help in the process of searching for items to salvage.

Jeremy, meanwhile, considers the question. “We aren’t certain,” he admits. “But we think it’s gang related. We’re right in between Ribs and Shells territory, and they do a lot of awful things to the people here for a lot of awful reasons. It could be the Shells trying to extorts us, or the Ribs just looking for some kicks… we’d try to hunt them down, but right now we’re too busy just trying to keep the fires under control. If we can get enough hands fighting the fires, however, we might be able to allot some manpower to hunting down the culprits -- that would be ideal. Anyway -- you said you’re interested?! That would be great! It’s just about fifteen blocks due south. I can walk you there.”

“Can we come?” Mathilda asks, suddenly. Jeremy laughs.

“Sorry, kiddo,” he apologizes. “You and Sam ought to head home. Me and your new friend are going to go get some work done, okay?”

Mathilda seems sad, but she nods resolutely, and performs a Marshal’s salute to Jeremy, before turning to you. “Can I say goodbye to your Espeon?” She asks.

Kawaii smiled "Sure thing."
Freighya trotted up to the young girl and nuzzled her affectionatly.
The pink-haired trainer nodded "That would be super helpful, I get lost quite easily." she sighed.
As their trainer left the pokemon scrambled to keep up, with Becky riding on the Lotad's lilypad. Cerno zipped easily through the air just behind them pushed along by a gentle breeze.
Frieghya stared at the girl for a moment then closed her eyes Goodbye Mathilda. she told the young girl telepathically, putting extra care to sound mystical but also motherly. Her pearl-white jewl flashed once, calming the child down, before the espeon ran off following the others. Kawaii surveyd the surroundings as they walked. Every moment here broke her heart and she withed she could do something to help all of the people here. She would give up anything just to see them all free and happy. That gave her an idea, she bekoned Cerno over and told him of her plan. The Cottenee agreed and returned to his pokeball. The pik gaired trainer pulled out another pokeball and released it's occupant. A Comfey named Flora. Almost imeadiatly the area around them filledd with a sense of calm happieness. The fairy type floated easily on the breeze as flowers grew underneath her. She would swoop down and pickup a flower and give it to the nearest refugee. It chirruped hapily as it also added the flowers it grew to the string under it's body. Kawaii smiled hopeful that having the flower-gathering pokemon there would help with the sense of dullness in the area.

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