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Originally Posted by Emi View Post
Schala - Please reply in lightslategray!

You clasp the egg in your hands, making sure that the egg isn't able to jump out of your hands. However, it seems that the heat of your body is causing the egg to want to hatch! The egg begins to shake and you look down at it as a face smashes through the front part of the egg. It looks at you before trying to hide back into the egg, clearly a little scared that the first thing it sees is you so close to it. However, as it calms down, it peeks its face back out at you and chirps, feeling safe in your arms.

However, once it sees your Furfrou, once again it tries to hide back into its shell, only for the rest of its shell to crumble apart as it clings onto your arm and crawls onto your back, under your shirt. The poor thing is terrified, but its probably just being a little scaredy cat. Suddenly, you find something else near the egg: a goody bag full of goods inside. It's covered in a bit of slime, so it seems like that this is also a gift from the Springtime Pyukmuku. You open up the goody bag, taking the goods inside of it.

-1 Buginium Z or Waternium Z
-1 Aurora Veil TM
-3 Easter Chocolate Candies (Each worth 1 Rare Candy)
-1 Brand Name Bunny Suit: The user's healing moves heal 25% more HP and the user jumps 50% higher.

Please reply to this post in order to claim your gifts and your Level 1 Male Wimpod!
The egg starts to hatch as soon as Schala picks it up.

"Aww, aren't you a cute little thing." She croons at the Pokemon as part of the egg breaks open and she comes face to face with it. While the newly born Pokemon seems startled by its first sight being Schala's face, and ducks back into the shell, it gets over it quickly and seems to be warming up to her.

"That's it little guy, no need to be scared" She coaxes as it peeks back out of the shell and chirps at her. She tilts her hands carefully, trying to remove the pieces of egg and get a better look at the newest member of her team. Then the Wimpod sees Aegis. Without enough eggshell left to hide in, it tries the next best thing, which is apparently to crawl onto her back and under her shirt.

"Whoa!" She yelps. Aegis, who has been watching quietly, stands up with a growl. "It's fine, Aegis, it just tickles! I'm sure you just startled the little guy."

Attempting to coax the Wimpod out while Aegis glares daggers at the small lump on her back works about as well as one would expect. Which is to say, not at all. Schala resigns herself to having a passenger until she can find a quiet place, preferably with Aegis acting a bit less hostile, to deal with it.

A glance around shows a bag sitting near where the egg had been. Whether she had missed it while focusing on the egg, or it had been dropped there by a certain being while she was distracted by the egg hatching, she wasn't sure.

She carefully bends over to pick the bag up, trying not to dislodge her passenger, and examines the contents.

"Let's see: some candy, a TM, a...bunny suit?, and what is this?" She fishes out a light green crystal with what appears to be a picture of a bug on it. "Not sure what this is. I'll have to look it up when we get back."

Schala glances around, but doesn't catch sight of the Springtime Pyukmuku, still, just in case it's still around, she calls out "Thanks for everything!"

"Alright, hold on tight if you plan on staying there." She tells the Wimpod clinging to her back. "Stop glaring for a bit, Aegis. We're heading home."

The pair makes their slow way back with a new teammate and a bag of goodies. All in all it was a fruitful day.

OOC:Thanks for the fun event!
Lv. 1 Male Wimpod
1x Buginium Z
1x TM Aurora Veil
3x Easter Chocolate Candies
1x Brand Name Bunny Suit
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