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Originally Posted by Emi View Post
Whimsy - Please reply in lightslategray!

You give the egg some space as you eagerly wait for the egg to hatch, this egg being the one you definitely want to keep! The egg begins to shake and wobble, and a small crack appears at the top. The egg seems to topple over, before the crack grows larger and larger. A small head pops out, before it rubs its neck along the egg shell, causing it to crack and peel away as the Pokemon crawls out of the egg. The Pokemon looks around, before it sees you and runs up to you, nuzzling against your leg. It seems you've hatched a female Rockruff! The little pupper is very eager to see you, a friendly face in an unfamiliar world.

However, it seems the Rockruff has caught the scent of something, and sniffs around, before pulling a pack that was hidden behind some rocks. The Rockruff barks, and you look inside, seeing a number of gifts inside; they must have been given by the Springtime Pyukumuku! Inside the pack are a number of items, which you take out and take note of:

-1 Rockium Z
-1 Aurora Veil TM
-3 Easter Chocolate Candies (worth 1 Rare Candy)
-1 Brand Name Bunny Suit: The user's healing moves heal 25% more HP and the user jumps 50% higher.

Please reply in order to claim your gifts and your Level 1 Female Rockruff!
This was always a tense moment, the moment when the egg is just about to hatch. The moment where time slows to almost a halt as no-one knows who or what will emerge. The shell cracks and falls, a natural occurance. The cracks grow larger, and soon the pokemon within meets the world for the first time. It was a new species, so Michael couldn't figure out what exactly the puppy was until his Pokedex beeped in his pocket. A quick update and the Pokemon had its name - Rockruff. Said Rockruff was currently in the process of nuzzling against his leg, causing both him and Mikan to aww at the cuteness of the action.

"Hehehe, well hello there little lady! Aren't you the sweetest? I know another pupper who'll love to meet you!" Michael cooed, giving the rock puppy a few fusses and strokes under her neck in return. Mikan stepped forward, ready to give her new teammate a preliminary checkup when the Rockruff started sniffing at the air. After a few moments, she dashes off towards some rocks and pulls a basket out from behind them. She barked a few times and started panting excitedly.

"Have you found something girl? Let me see..." Michael took the pack and rifled through it. It's filled with various goods, of which he recognised only two of them. It was hard not to recognise the unmistakable look of a TM or Rare Candies. But the other two items...
The first was a bunny suit. Not the oddest suit the breeder has seen, much to his eternal shame. A quick check of the label gives him all the information he needs about the item. He looks up at Mikan with an evil gleam in his eye. Mikan gulped. 10 seconds later, the nurse pokemon was all dressed up like a bunny. She felt ridiculous. She looked adorable. And it would strengthen her healing output. But it was so humiliating. After taking a few moments to chuckle at the conflicted look on his Audino's face, Michael took one last look into the basket and pulled out a strange crystal. It was a dark brown, with a rock etched on one of its faces. The note called it a "Z-Crystal" and this was apparently "Rockium-Z". Apparently it was to be used by a Pokemon that learned Rock moves. But how would they use it? Was there some form of chant? A hip motion that he had to keep an eye on or something? He just didn't know. But there was one thing he could guess - there were probably more, and they'd probably need pokemon that new other types of moves. As he pocketed the items, Rockruff started to bark for his attention again. The puppy pulled out the blanket that had been lining the basket that those goods and started to paw at it, before flipping it onto her head. Michael chuckled, before kneeling down to the Rockruff.

"You want the blanket? Ok then girl" Or should I say... Velouria? I think that fits you just fine." He said, before tying the blanket loosely around her head like a bonnet. Velouria barks excitedly once again, before darting out of the cave. Michael followed her out, happy to have found someone new to call his friend.

OOC: Thank you very much for this Emi!
- Velouria the Level 1 Female Rockruff
- 1 Rockium Z
- 1 Aurora Veil TM
- 3 Easter Chocolate Candies (worth 1 Rare Candy)
- 1 Brand Name Bunny Suit: The user's healing moves heal 25% more HP and the user jumps 50% higher.
Equipping the Bunny Suit to Mikan
Feeding the three Chocolate Candies to Velouria even though dogs shouldn't eat chocolate
*Velouria grew to Level 4! Velouria learned Sand Attack!*
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