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Heather - Please reply in paleturquoise!

You cradle the egg in between your arms, holding it to your chest. While the egg is definitely cold to the touch, you can feel a slight warmth inside as you can hear voices inside of the egg. Soon, the egg begins to glow as cracks appear on the top of the shell, before a bright light fills the Ice Caverns. You close your eyes to block out the light, but soon, you can feel a cold licking on your cheeks bring you back. A beautiful female Alolan Vulpix is in your arms, cooing happily as she looks to you as her mother. She snuggles up to your neck: a simultaneous cold but warm feeling that is odd, but comforting. She seems to be very glad to meet you.

You turn around only to see a bizarre creature in front of you, with a pair of taped on bunny ears. It's the Springtime Pyukumuku! The Pyukumuku looks at you happily as you cradle the newborn, happy that it has found a loving mother. You hear a weird retching noise as the Pyukumuku vomits up some gifts. You're a little hesitant, but the Springtime Pyukumuku bounds off, leaving you with the gifts. On the ground, you can see a number of items left behind:

-1 Iceium or Fairium Z
-1 Aurora Veil TM
-3 Easter Chocolate Candies (worth 1 Rare Candy)
-1 Brand Name Bunny Suit: The user's healing moves heal 25% more HP and the user jumps 50% higher.

Please reply to this post to claim your gifts and you're little Level 1 Female Alola Vulpix!
The Egg began to shine brightly in Heather's arms, forcing both Trainer and her Pokémon to shield their eyes. Heather felt the Egg crack and break apart in her arms, the little creature taking its place both cold and yet somehow comfortingly warm. A cold tongue licking her cheek brought her back to reality. As she looked down at the newborn Pokémon in her arms, Heather couldn't handle just how adorable the little fox was.

"Awwwwwww! You're so cuuuuuuute!" she said, cradling the small Pokemon. Suddenly, a noise came from behind her.

"Puke, muke! Muke, muke!" A small, brown Pokémon with pink spines on its back and...bunny ears attached to its head?

"My guess is that's the springtime Pyukumuku." Grace said. "It says it's glad that you found that Egg, and hopes you continue to love that Pokémon." Heather nodded at the odd creature before her in response.

"Don't worry, I'll make sure this baby girl grows up big and strong and loved!" she says. The Springtime Pyukumuku seems pleased at this, and it...regurgitates...some additional gifts. A small, diamond-shaped pink crystal, some chocolate candies, a TM, a Poké Ball for her new companion, and a small bunny suit that Heather instantly knew Ryuko would love (once she got the chance to wash it out, at least). Heather didn't know how to react to this. "Uh...thanks! I'll be going now!" Heather said, claiming the items and watching the odd Pyukumuku crawl away, probably to deliver some spring cheer to another Trainer on the Island. Taking the Poke Ball left to her, Heather presented it to the small fox in her arms, who happily bopped the button, the Ball quickly confirming the capture. She took out her Pokédex to see just what this new Pokemon was.

"Vulpix, the Fox Pokémon. In this Alolan Form, an Ice-Type. In hot weather, this Pokémon makes ice shards with its six tails and sprays them around to cool itself off." the device droned, Heather, taking an interested look.

"Alola Forms? That's a new one on me...I wonder if any other Alolan Forms exist that are Electric-Typed!" she said. The Pokédex answered her query succinctly.

"There are two Electric-Type Alolan Forms on record: Alolan Geodude, classified as Rock/Electric type, and Alolan Raichu, classified as Electic/Psychic type."

"Is that so? Perhaps we'll meet one one day...but for now, let's get out of here!" Heather said, closing her Dex and exiting the icy caverns, much to Grace's relief.


"Hm...what to name the little one..." Heather said, sitting on a nearby park bench. "Something cute...I guess Danni would work, what do you think, Grace?"

"Sounds good to me. Let's get that bunny suit washed out, I'm sure Ryuko will want to wear it out at the Tree Grove..."

"Yes, let's get home...welcome to the family, Danni. I think I'll give you that Aurora Veil TM once we get home..."

(OOC: Claiming Danni, Level 1 Female Alolan Vulpix (Ability: Snow Warning)
Claiming x1 Fairium Z
Claiming x3 Springtide Chocolate Rare Candy
Claiming x1 Bunny Suit
Claiming x1 TM Aurora Veil - using on Danni to teach her the move

Thanks so much! I wuv my little foxy <3)
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